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582 Transmission Disassembly?

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Nov 1, 2017
Tim Frashure
Ok guys. I'm working on my 582 with a 12hp stuck in it. I had it out driving around and parked it. Next time I go to move it, it won't start. Then it needs moved and I have to jack up the rearend to drag it around. I have pushed many around and usually they are hydros but seems to me that in neutral I should be able to move this thing around. The transmission is now out of the tractor. I drove pin out of driveshaft coupler, unbolted the gear shift, removed front bolts that are usually loose, and it is out. Axle covers and axles have been removed. Would like to change the wet brakes while I'm in here, but can not figure out how to get gear reduction housing loose from tranny? Removed 2 large bolts from the bottom, are there other bolts somewhere I can't see? Don't want to crack the case. I don't remember having this malfunction junction with my 122. Near as I can tell I think I may have a pinion bearing bad or a main shaft bearing bad in tranny? Help me get it apart and I will update you with what I find and if I ever get this thing back together. Thanks. I jacked it up with rearend cover off and spider gears all seem to be free. Ring gear wouldn't move. If I grabbed a hold of driveshaft it would turn easily in neutral, all I could do to turn it with it in gear. Think that is all I know, if you have more questions to try and determine problem ask and I will answer if I have one. Maybe I can post some pics later. Yes it was full of water. Where is the link where you guys drill a hole in the case so water/oil will circulate from axle covers to rearend?


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Jul 19, 2008
new jersey
Lewis Palma
You may have a stuck brake puck or maybe the shifter forks are out of alignment and it is stuck between gears. Now that you have the shifter off you can move the shift rails back to neutral. I know you don't have to remove the GRH to fix the brake pucks. see pix.





Remove the GRH cover and the other bolts are in there.
Best thing to do is download the service manual for it if you plan on a full disassembly.