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149 making rattle sound especially on shut down.

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Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
Jun 11, 2008
Theresa NY
Tom Roberts
I have a 149 bought last fall. It seems to make a rattle noise especially on shutdown. I was told this could be motor mount bolts but I am at a loss.
Yeah, noticed that too. The noise though seems to continue after they stop shaking, that said they need to be dealt with. I am also going to take a closer look at the PTO.
After a mechanic worked on my 125,I had a continuous rattle.One of the three PTO bolts was loose.He apparently didn't do the internal double nuts correctly. Easy to diagnose,but have to remove,takes some time.Might be wise to have a new bolt,couple of nuts to jam together and the proper set up guage
It could be the drive line, pto, something under the seat, low air in the tires, hydro drive needs adjusting, ect ect...
You need to pull that air cleaner off and see just WTH is going on there.]The base appears to be loose as well.
Maybe the base is loose where it's screwed to the carb.
You sure as he!! don't want the screws to come out and get sucked into the engine.
You say this clown was a mechanic??
I have a 149 bought last fall. It seems to make a rattle noise especially on shutdown. I was told this could be motor mount bolts but I am at a loss.
View attachment 156663
Two things: The air filter housing appears not all the way on, the screw nut on my K241 filter (Cub 102) shows a lot more screw tread than yours. Remove housing , see the filter and while off, re-position the coil so the coil bracket is attached in two places rather than just one. I not seeing engine shake.
Lotsa luck, Jack
Ditto what Mike and Dave said on checking the harden steel pin and front coupler where the front end of the driveshaft goes into the flywheel. That harden steel pin often wears a notch into the front end of the fore/aft slot of the coupler and when you shut the engine down, the pin/drive shaft rotates side-to-side making a banging/knocking noise.

Also recommend replacing the rag joint common to the rear coupler of the drive shaft at the hydro pump as it gets brittle over time and can tear out under load.

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