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Apr 6, 2005
River Falls, Wisconsin
Vincent Thomley
Picked up a 1450 this past weekend, it came with a 50” deck and QA42A snowthrower, plus manuals, sales brochures, thousands of dollars of tuneup and repair receipts. I basically got it because I want the 50” mower deck

I was told the engine died and the repair guy said don’t fix it because next thing to go bad is the transmission. Interesting I have not owned hundreds of Cubs but I’ve yet to have a bad hydro trans in the 20 or 30 or more I’ve owned.

The 14hp engine Turns over barely. It was taken out, it’s now bolted to the frame with the 2 rear bolts. Missing is the quiet line engine cradle.


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I have a 1450 that was a basket case in much worse shape than yours when I got it. I took it down to the frame and built it to work around our house. Most people would have scrapped it but Cub Cadets are hard to find around here.

Mine came with a tiller and a box scraper along with a mower deck. It was a machine worth fixing that earns its keep around here.

Yours appears to be in decent shape. Have you diagnosed what's wrong with the engine yet? I wouldn't worry about the transaxle, they are pretty hard to kill. Let us know what you do with it.
Vince, nice find.

David, I only see one hydraulic lever and no outlet ports on the front. Still worth saving.
thanks guys, Yea certainly not a dual stick. I was quite hopeful I bought it sight unseen, also thinking there is a snowthrower so there must be wheel weights, chains, and possibly more. But what you see is what I got, no chains, no wheel weights, no side panels, nothing extra. But I did get a pile of repair and tune-up invoices, over a $1000 worth, probably over $2000 dating back into the 1990s, it got many oil changes, several sets of new belts for the mower deck, new hydro release valves, and more. I paid enough to cover the 50" mower deck, and a rather new seat. It is currently tucked under the lean to at my dads awaiting a decision. My son gets married next week so nothing will happen until at least October. Well maybe October 2021 lol
Vince - I'm glad you saved that ole girl. 1450 with a QA42A is what I really love. You said you got a receipt for "new hydro release valves". What ever the name of that shop is - I'd certainly stay away from them. It should have come standard with the newer auto release style valves (and I don't see a lever on the side of the tunnel cover). I could see the possibility that one valve could fail but that would be a real rarity. Having 2 valves fail - sounds like hi-way robbery.
Yes Hydro Harry I think these are Auto Release Style valves. I agree there was a little hi-way robbery happening.

This thing was used a bunch while snow blowing for the guys driveway is a few hundred yards long - and flat. He probably used it to mow both sides of this driveway as well, I know it did not get used to mow around and behind his house for there were a lot of trees in the yard.
Vince - just in case you;'re wondering what it looks like to use a 1450 with a QA42A here's some pics of me. This was nearly a spring snow and the stuff was really wet, heavy slush - but the ole QA42A still handled it pretty well, throwing it about 10 ft.
Using QA42A Snowthrower a.jpg
Using QA42A Snowthrower b.jpg
Using QA42A Snowthrower c.jpg
Hydro - I would expect the same from this 1450 when its ready.

For this winter I will have my 149 ready to throw snow with my other QA42A thrower. My driveway is tiny, maybe fit 4 vehicles in it. But I'll blow the sidewalks left and right of my house for everyone. No more Tru Powers :( but I will have turfs with straps(like chains) on for plowing. Brand new asphalt and cement everywhere in my neighborhood
Harry My biggest snow. And i mean wet. Never seen that much water in snow. Feb 5,6. Started coming down 7:30 evening. By morning 27” I plow snow. so i was out til midnight. Got stuck in a driveway 2005 Dura max. Called a kid i know with a 78 Blazer BIG tires and a winch. Unreal he pulled me out with his tires spinning. Of course mine were too. I got scared . I would get stuck again. went home went to bed. Woke up. To a winter wonderland. Pa. State John Deere Grader came by about 8:00 am. It took me 45 min. to plow from my house to the road. Funny i hit that 3-4 foot high pile that grader made at 25 mile per hour. Just so i did not get tires of ground on that wet snow. That was 2010. 1950 record 27.9 I shoveled all the snow of my Ranch roof. Could not see out the windows. i will never forget.
Next morning i called places for tire chains. Nobody had any. So i’m talking to the store owner. He had a mechanical garage too. He said he ha 15 plow trucks in his shop by 10:00. Most were Dodges. 1-2 Fords. I said what happened. He said that the guys stayed up all night. The snow was so heavy that the tranny’s over heated. Blew holes in the side.
Steve - can't remember the year of my snow storm or even how much we got. Your stories are great. Kinda he$$ going thru it but fun when you look back.

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