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dealing with a 2130 trans

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gary noblit

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Jul 22, 2020
Recently acquired ags 2130 cub..they were made from 94-99 (?) . It has 12.5 kohler,shaft drive into a clutch system that in turn runs a 6 speed, a stock 38" deck . I had never seen one so thought I might share some thoughts..I now have the engine running fine after carb clean,new plug ,old gas removed from tank.The issue now is it barely creeps in gear so the clutches are slipping.I've spent hours chasing info..The rear deck can split from foot pads,there are 6 1/4 bolts connecting fenders to front.Of course they are badly rusted 2 broke 2 unscrewed and 2 came off with air chisel..No room for grinders,too close to gas tank and line for torch...I didn't remove the deck and I don't have a hoist so doubled up my misery..It would have been easier to remove wheels then I could have used impact on 4..hindsight.The pics show a hole in the back of clutch area,I have removed a tricornered cover plate .The bearing came out easily with a pick,then a 025 shim washer , then a 1/4 spacer , then another bearing. Everything I've been able to find is adding more shim washers to get the correct pressure on clutch plates. If anyone has some experience with this I would sure appreciate some input !!Tomorrow I'm spending some time with a very qualified wrench that's been working on cubs a long time....Wish me luck ,I'll post results..


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I did a little research on these units a while back trying to help someone on another Cub forum. This is apparently THE biggest issue with these machines. People put it in gear and use the go pedal like its a hydrostatic pedal, when it isn't. These machines are only supposed to be driven with that pedal fully depressed or it wears out the transmission clutches quickly. You'll most likely have to source and replace them.
Jp ,thanks for reply.Just spent 30 min. with very experienced wrench who has access to all the repair manuals...There is a way to change pressure on clutches with shims.I'm going to try that for under $50. in parts.The shims are to still available but the clutches are NLA from CC. It's worth a shot .Beyond that it's finding a hydro that will fit...Be a shame to junk a good body,the engine now runs great as well
update...put in .030 shim washer in fwd clutch pack..Jacked it up , and it drives very well fwd so that part is a success.However the reverse is no better so rear end will require removal and dismantling of clutch pack to add a shim...No other way to access the clutch pack....that will not be fun...
Adjusted all the reverse linkage and put shell back on..Took it for spin, fwd worked fine thru all the gears but reverse was way below a creep..So...it's take it apart or ?? Most of the linkage is on the opposite side of what most hydros are but it's possible the right hydro and linkage will fit..I don't really want to tear it apart but.......some clutches have been located but I don't know the cost yet...tough decision
My final entry on 2130 trans unless someone asks a question....Some pics added to show interior of ags trans...I found almost no wear on internal gears and bearings (they run in oil) after 700 hrs of run time.That part was great but the input of clutches showed some wear and are NLA depending on where you look...The decision was made to pull the engine and scrap the rest...I've saved the pto switch,front wheels,and a few flat bars for reuse,and the hood for another machine. Even pulled the axles for ???Based on the experience I would never recommend owning a AGS system(built from 94 to 99...


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