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I got these rubber mounts pretty snug. How tight do you guys have them. That Kohler cast iron is mighty heavy! So I’m assuming they need to be very snug.


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I usually make sure there are the same amount of threads showing on top of each bolt when installing new ISO mounts.
What's up with the Moog bushings?

Also, there is a spec in the service manual for the clearance under the snubbers that go on the front of the cradle halves. This is so the torque of the mule drive belt will not pull the motor down too far when under load, compressing the lower mounts far enough to loosen the belt enough to slip.
If those are the original length bolts, those are probably about 3-4 turns too tight, unless those chassis mounts you used are much shorter than the original mounts on top.
Spent a lot of time cleaning /scraping. And permatex . Hydro fluid tomorrow


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My used cast iron oil pan came today with No drain plug. So I used the plug from the aluminum pan. For some reason I can’t get it tight. Put an “O” ring in but that engine is going to get HOT. So the pan threads are fine. And my original plug is fine. I inspected both threads seem to be ok. My tap n die Does not go that big. So I’ll take to work and see if someone has that size and clean threads. Man nothing is easy!