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Tractor For Sale 1450 & snow blower attachment

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Apr 22, 2020
London, Ohio
1450 in good condition (no rust) with snowblower attachment,.
best offer (london ohio)


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CD, I doubt you get a lot of action without pics unless you just want to answer a lot of questions..no pics no price ???
Ill see bout adding some pics. thx for your 2¢. Newbie to these forums and need all the help I can get....
pics added...
I hope it helps; thx...
what is a recommended price to start with? 1978 model...
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apprec your assistance on this...
sorry. I dont do Facebook anymore; tired of getting "fact checked" every time I make a post...
I suspect they would have a field day with my post.
I did find a tractorhouse website with excessive popups that did list one 1450 for a high price, but I didn't stick around very long for that reason...

thx for the feedback...