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Wheel wwights

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Apr 3, 2020
painted post ny
Anyone know how much these weigh
Weight prices are all over the place. There may be some deals out there towards the summertime. I saw a pair of 75lb Cub Cadet plastic coated weights for $125 recently -- some people follow the rule of "what comes around goes around" meaning if you sell something for a fair price, you'll get a fair price in return.
Do you want weights to look at or do you need weights for traction
The weights to look at and be “correct” for your Cub can be much more than a craftsman concrete weight
Do you want weights to look at or do you need weights for traction
The weights to look at and be “correct” for your Cub can be much more than a craftsman concrete weight
I have alot of weights. Saved a set of Craftsman weights from the scrap yard @ 40 $ just curious if i spent 2 much.
If you really need cheap good weight why not RV anti freeze in those 23s should get you 9 or 10 gallons per tire which is around 75 or 80lbs each plus easy to do. Rural King sells it for 2.69 per gal, cheaper than wheel weights and better on the axles..Wheel weights can be a pita..Just did 4 26x14-12 multi tracks -13 gal each 13x8lbs on each tire 104 Lbs
Last I looked and when I bought a couple sets the plastic coated cement weights were 50 to 60 dollars a set a couple years ago. That's the ones that fit the 782 ect models.
I few years ago I got a good deal on a pair of 100# cast wheel weights, they stick out about 2" beyond the rim and are on my 2182 along with fluid filled 26x14-12 multi-track tires as its a dedicated front loader now. They are a beast to deal with and I never look forward to removing them..I used to do the tubes with the fluid but now just a good bead sealer, tubeless and I'm good to go..But if I just needed 75 or so pounds I'd go with the fluid.
I made a contraption for my cat 0 3 point to add more weight onto it in addition to the suitcase weights (new holland) and it holds about 150# in steel York Weights I had. It slides into the top of the 3 point and you just stack them on the shaft..Weight is weight...
I have to agree, weight is weight, more is better than not enough, every one of my Cub Cadets has 2, 3 or 4 weights per wheel.
The first set of weights I bought look exactly like the Deere 42# weights, I bought them for 5 Dollars for the pair about 1970 at a farm auction, they had a half inch thick layer of dust on them, the carriage bolts nuts & flat washers cost more than the weights.
I also would like some more weight for my FARMALL loader tractors, those weights are crazy expensive too, I'm thinking my plasma cutter and some cheap 1/4" steel plate can get me some added weight.
They are ridiculous in price anymore ; about $2.50 a Lb on average which is too crazy. I was lucky to find 6 New Holland suitcase weights on craigslist several years ago for $150, they are 57lbs each and fit nicely on a cat 0 3point weight rack which I welded a 3/4" flat bar too and it'll take 2 more if I can find them. The whole setup 342 suitcase + 220 fluid both tires + 200 in wheel weights + hitch 100 or so not to mention the weight of the rims and tires them selves are in the ball park of 1000lbs on the rear and I can still drop another couple hundred if I need to in "York plates" and rarely it still isn't enough with a fully loaded bucket as it'll still slip..