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Walk behind snow blower cab mod for cub

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New member
Dec 4, 2014
Brad Bushue
Hi. Has anyone modified a generic windscreen/cab for a walkbehind snow blower to fit a cub cadet? Seems like it could be pretty easy and much cheaper. see below for an example i pulled from amazon. I can't be the first to think of this.


  • 61gYU+UAiRL._AC_SL1113_[1].jpg
    46 KB · Views: 10
I was gonna do it but hated one of those on my walk behind snowblower so decided against it. Couldnt see very good and it kept fogging up. plus to tall wouldnt fit in my shed. But go ahead and see if you like it.
Holes in the hood and the typical fogging issue is probably the only things to overcome. Other then that, the install should work to keep most of the wind and snow mist off.
I have never used the plastic wind screen that you described. I tried everything I could think of to keep the snow off me and my face while blowing snow against a wind or even a light breeze. A snowmobile suit and a full-face helmet kept the snow off my face, but the face shield got covered by snow and fogged up. I found a used Cozy Cab and adapted that to my Cub Cadet, it keeps all the snow off me except for when blowing against the wind on the windiest of days. Even then the snow coming in is minimal. Having a windshield wiper is really a good thing too. I would recommend not wasting money and time on a plastic shield that is open in the back. I believe the snow will just swirl around and settle on you anyway.

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