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Unconfuguliating a 782 SN 714899

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Jeff: I haven't forgotten you. I'm through with the wood cutting & splitting as of Monday, so after a few "honey do's" the trunnion repair is coming up on the list. I'll send an e-mail for your review if I can find the file on my hard drive.
Jeremiah - I just discovered you thread here "unconfuguliating a 782" and that you've been posting in this thread for very nearly a year. It will take me a while to catch up.

Hydro Harry
Old Cubs Never Die (even some CCC units)
Harry: I apologize for the lapse in posting, it may finally be time to catch things up.

I drafted a 40 page account of all the electrical repairs I made to this tractor, but I've never felt right about posting it. It still has a few errors in it, and I really don't think people would be interested. After all, they say that one way to become a bore is to tell EVERYTHING you know . . ..

I also need to draft an account of my two (2) engine replacements and the whole adventure of straightening out my drive train.

However, the good news is that the final piece to the puzzle has been secured: I am now the proud owner of a genuine 44C deck that should bolt right up to 782. The donor was reportedly installed orginally an MTD/CCC Model 1535 "Cyclops" tractor. When I get this deck mounted, the 782 will be declared officially unconfuguliated, although I will still need to paint it . . ..

Pictures of the 44C deck, it appears to be in pretty good shape. I'm going to check the spindles very carefully before putting it in service though.





I'm a pretty happy camper!

Note: This post is dedicated to Matt Gonitizke who has never failed to address the shortcomings of my repair attempts and without whose help my 782 would never have been unconfuguliated. I especially would never have gotten the drive shaft fixed correctly if he had not taken an interest.

He should be relieved to learn that I have finally "gotten serious" about finding the spindles to replace the confuguliated MTD deck which came with the tractor when I acquired it.
I don't think that can be from a 1535, as it would be yellow, but that is exactly what you need, nonetheless. I see it even has the newer style spindles that use tapered roller bearings, which are cheap to replace if you need to.
Matt Gonitzke: The reason I was willing to pay what the fellow was asking for the deck was because I knew I could rebuild the spindles (the center one has ever-so-much play in it [note the grease stain on the bottom view]); and because, being a "C" deck, I knew it would bolt right up to the 82 Series carriage without my having to modify it as I would an "A" deck.

When I asked the seller if he knew which Model Cub Cadet the deck came off, and he referenced a side panel leaning up against the wall. He admitted he didn't know much about Cub Cadets. I do find it strange that the blades appear to be painted yellow, maybe THEY came off a 1535.

Charlie: True, I copied most of my information from the FAQ, but at the time I didn't know how to embed a link in a post.

I'm learning though . . .
Jeremiah - hey I don't need an apology. I try to check this thread every once in a while to see where you are. That 44C looks pretty decent. I see a tag that has manufacturer date but can't quite make it out. If you can read the date that should pretty much tell you the series of the tractor it would have come with. The only other thing I'll mention is that hard red rust I see. I don't know what it is about NC but the rust you guys get down there is the hardest I've seen on any parts from all across the country. NY and PA got some tuff stuff, but NC rust, even not pitted is the toughest to get off I've ever seen. Hey keep up the good work tho, and start thinking about painting.
Harry: I haven't stopped working on the Cubs, but I've been spending most of my time on the 149 and my money has gone to accumulating parts for the 782, including spindles and deck.

The date code looks like "L229G" to me:


I don't know how decode it exactly.
Jeremiah - you got me on decoding the CCC date codes. Hope somone else could help us out here.
Harry: My best guess would be December 22, 1997.

L = 12th letter of alphabet
22 = 22nd day of the month
9 = "9x" year
G = 7th letter of the alphabet

If that were the case, then what models were offered by Cub Cadet in 1997 or early 1998, on which 44" decks could be mounted?
Roland Bedell: Thank you! Using your key, we come up with December 22, 1989 at plant "G" -- your date decoding makes more sense chronologically.

L = December Month of Manufacture
22 = 22nd Day of Manufacture
9 = (198)9 Year of Manufacture
G = Plant of Manufacture


Now we can come up with a short list of models which might have come with a 44" "C" Deck in the 1990 time frame, especially if there is a way to correlate, roughly, the serial numbers with the production years. I know there is a resource on this site which covers the IH production up until the hand-off to MTD's CCC subsidiary; but I don't know of a resource extending beyond that date.
Roland, Harry:

You all have spurred me on to investigate S/N as an index to the year of manufacture. I collated the following from two sources (1) Parts Lookup (wherever a "-" separates the span), and (2) a compilation, index & cross reference of model numbers dating to 1991 that I found stashed on my hard drive, no doubt downloaded from this site (wherever "to" separates the span). It was difficult to make heads or tails out of some of the listings from Parts Lookup.

I tried to upload the second source, but the file was far too large.

Since "tabs" don't seem to translate well from ASCII files to HTML or however this site is coded, I have emphasized the Hood numbers.

From Matt's earlier comment, I'm guessing the tractors manufactured in 1990-91 came with yellow decks; but it seems to me that the 1990-91 era is the most likely candidate for when my 44C deck became available for purchase.

1989 Garden Tractors
<u>Hood# Factory# Year Serial#</u>
1050 149-605-100 1989 CCC only 756,300 - 799,999

1204 147-610-100 1987-88 CCC 756,300 - 799,999

1210 147-620-100 1985-89 CCC 756,300 - 799,999

1211 147-630-100 1986-89 CCC 756,300 - 799,999

1806 147-640-100 1987-89 CCC 756,300 - 799,999

1810 146-682-100 1985-89 CCC 756,300 - 799,999

1811 & 1812
147-670-100 1985-89 CCC 756,300 - 799,999

1811 147-660-100 1985-89 CCC 756,300 - 799,999

1812 1985-89 CCC 756,300 - 799,999

1989 Super Garden Tractors
<u>Hood# Factory# Year Serial#</u>
1772 149-711-100 1989 CCC only 756,300 - 799,999

1872 & 2072
148-720-100 1987-89 CCC 756,300 - 799,999
1872 756,300 - 799,999
2072 149-720-100 1987-89 CCC 756,300 - 799,999

1990-91 (-92) Garden Tractors
<u>Hood# Factory# Year Serial#</u>
1340 140-631-100 1990-1 CCC 800,000 - 821,059

1535 140-641-100 1990-1 CCC 800,000 - 821,059

1541 140-651-100 1990 CCC ? 800,000 - 816,508
1541 141-652-100 1991 CCC ? 816,509 - 821,059

1860 140-661-100 1990-1 CCC 800,000 - 821,059

1862 140-681-100 1990-1 CCC 800,000 - 821,059
1862 142-683-100 1992 CCC ? 821,060 - 836,000

1990-91 (-92) Super Garden Tractors
<u>Hood# Factory# Year Serial#</u>
1782 140-712-100 1990-1 CCC 800,000 - 821,059
1782 142-714-100 1992 CCC ? 821,060 - 889,000

1882 140-721-100 1990-1 CCC 800,000 - 821,059

2082 140-731-100 1990-1 CCC 800,000 - 821,059
2082 142-732-100 1992 CCC ? 821,060 - 836,000

2182 140-741-100 1990 CCC ? 800,000 - 816,535
2182 141-741-100 1991 CCC ? 816,536 - 821,059
2182 143-743-100 1992 CCC ? 821,060 - 880,000