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Too soon too late! :(

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Brad Johnson

New member
May 11, 2022
Pine Grove Mills, Pa
I bought my International Cadet 76 (1973 production) from the prior owner thirty years ago for $250; 31% of its price new.
I did not treat it well; treated it like a purposeful tool; even sometimes leaving it out in the weather. :confused:
I did perform its annual service and, over a period of time, welded patches to the deck, replaced the brake/clutch pads, deck spindles and bearings, blades, coil and belts but, I would often mow hogging it in third gear, use it to tow a utility trailer, chipper/shredder; whatever I felt it could do, it did.
Last summer it quit with a BANG! :oops:
I'm not a mechanic, though I may pretend to be when I'm changing the oil.
I discovered, and recently joined, this forum; hoping I might find a way to put things back the way they were; a way to just keep the old 76 mowing.
What I found was a group of folks more dedicated to this stalwart machine than I could have imagined.
Through word of mouth, just today I sold the International Cadet 76 to a young fellow (40 years my junior) who has been looking for a 76 to complete his collection of Cadet models.
I apologize to the group for my tardy arrival and, just want to assure you another IH Cadet 76 has found a dedicated home. 🙂



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That's a neat story, Brad. The Cub lawn tractors are not as popular here, but are still an important footnote in Cub Cadet history. That same basic design was carried from IH into the CCC era to around 1984, with the 182, 282, and 382.
Better late than never. Welcome to the forum anyway!
Now you know what you must do . . . . . . . . . .

BUY YOU ANOTHER CUB CADET!!!!!! :cubwinker: :roflol:(y)
Nice car! Got any pics of the others?
Currently three on the road and one entering the system.
Four others in the past, as I've been Studebakering for 52 years.


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Welcome Brad, may I ask if you can get a picture of he dealer decal on your Cub? I have been collecting pictures of dealer decals and would love to add that one to me group. I need to start a Facebook group of decals, or somewhere to keep them for others.

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