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1961 Original for sale S# 15473 I have a Ton of Parts to finish it New Nos Blade

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Well-known member
Feb 10, 2008
Paul W Andrews
Good to be back! I have a Nice 1961 Original for sale runs good mowed with it last year, Bought all the parts From you guy's, (Thanks) I am unable to complete, it I did rebuild the Trans & Rear end But Issues have me stopped. You are the First Group to Start this Yellow Addiction so I thought I could give a Member a deal. Please see pic,s I have a New NOS plow never used, steering wheel, Ft Guard, The nice Extreme rear lift assist, Grote light, new bulbs for the headlights, with both wiring harnesses, Ag's and Tri ribs, Nice Cub seat pad (not shown), Rear sleeve hitch and Brimley Type? hitch, 3 - Mower decks, A nice pair of round fenders with the Extreme bottom plate, a nice large tilt garden cart With the big international harvester decal, Wheel weights & chains, All the primer/paint, Full set of decals, All three Blue ribbon IH Manuals, Extra parts/ Drive shaft, mule drive, spindle's, pullies, brackets, linkages, bearings, look at he picture's Also The IH Cadet Statue and OEM Key & key chain (sorry Charlie)! I live in GR MI Please let me know.
Thank You all & Stay Safe! Paul


  • cub side.jpg
    cub side.jpg
    92.4 KB · Views: 189
  • cun ft with plaw& rear.jpg
    cun ft with plaw& rear.jpg
    98.1 KB · Views: 192
  • cub rear end.jpg
    cub rear end.jpg
    71.9 KB · Views: 199
  • front with plow and rear end a good.jpg
    front with plow and rear end a good.jpg
    92.2 KB · Views: 170
  • cub decks.jpg
    cub decks.jpg
    111.8 KB · Views: 188
  • cub fenders.jpg
    cub fenders.jpg
    63.7 KB · Views: 191
  • cub parts and cart nice.jpg
    cub parts and cart nice.jpg
    84 KB · Views: 191
  • Cub parts and cart.jpg
    Cub parts and cart.jpg
    39.7 KB · Views: 195
  • stairs.jpg
    99.3 KB · Views: 162
  • New tires.jpg
    New tires.jpg
    111.9 KB · Views: 186


Jan 29, 2018
Ron Blough
Would you consider selling the lights separately? Also would be interested in buying the wheel weights.

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