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Tire chain sizes - what will they fit

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Oct 6, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Mike Patterson
Brother-in-law was cleaning out garage a few years ago and threw a set of tire chains in my truck. Said I might as well have them as he was tired of tripping over them. Sure, why not!

Need to know what size tire they would fit though? Anyone have a sizing chart for chains? These are laid out flat on floor, stretched out nice. 13" wide (outside to outside) x 46" or so long (outside chain). I'm guessing about a 20" tire? Likely a lawn tractor tire vs a garden tractor?

Charlie must have a reference chart I'm sure or Kraig has something squirreled away telling me?
I have two sets of tire chains for my 125s which have 23" x 8.5" x 12" tires. I just measured one of them and it's 14" wide x 46" long.
Four Link Chains:

4 Link.jpg

Two Link Chains:

2 Link.jpg
I'm making my own set of 2 link chains out of used truck chains

Thinking of modifying them for the aggressive H pattern, as well
DELBERT - 2--link chain a BIG YES, all my chains are 2-link, I may have a set of 4-link chains for 23-10,50x12's that were on the 129 I sold 16 years ago. They were old ATV chains, an odd size. They will make great replacement cross chains for CC chains.
What I REALLY need is a bunch of side and cross chains from semi-truck chains. DAD built the chains for my Farmall Super H from two sets of semi chains. I've spun them a bit too much on my concrete driveway and our blacktop road, I've worn about half the thickness of the cross chains away. I'VE shopped for replacement cross chains. They're not cheap. The ONLY part of the chain that wears. And the SH chains ARE 2-link chains.
i never knew what i was missing.
thought chains were chains.
seeing these images makes me never want to use my (4-link) chains again.

any suggestions on a good source for 2-link chains that’ll fit a 100’s OEM tires?
Try posting a want add in the classifieds here.