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Aug 27, 2006
Gerry Ide
There are a few things we can't find from our sponsors here
,but usually only if they're not for a Cub...

I'm upgrading my old Craftsman cast iron top table saw - a SawStop brand fence and a digital readout, so I can quit using that foldup wooden ruler to do measured cuts.

I needed some (gasp) metric allen head bolts (fully threaded, AKA "stripper bolts"). I went to the big box stores, could find 25 mm M8 1.25 course thread, but nothing in M8 1.0 fine thread. Naturally, I waited till the next day, Saturday, to go to the specialty bolt store (the one that was open, since Fastenall is closed on Saturdays).

They don't have any M8 1.0 x 25 mm bolts, he's got some 50 mm though, I said "OK, give me 8 of 'em, I'll cut 25 mm off and be happy. Oh, by the way how much are they?" - "$2.74 apiece" he says. I gulp a little, but say, "OK I just want to get the project done". He brings them out, they aren't fully threaded, as a matter of fact the thread ends about at the 25 mm mark, so I'd end up with some allen head pins after cutting 25 mm off. "Uh, no thanks", I said. "I'll figure something else out". (McMaster - Carr coming to mind).

I went home, got on the 'net, found exactly what I needed in their online catalog and ordered them. Delivery on Tuesday (today). Exactly what I wanted. Cost? $12.74 for a pack of 50 including second day shipping , yeah about the cost of four of the wrong ones! McMaster - Carr sells quality and service... Recommended !!

I'm gonna go back to the local supplier and see if they want to buy a few - I'll give them a good price too.. Charlie - need any M8 fine thread bolts?
Gerry, yep, McMaster-Carr is an amazing supplier.

Marty, if I read Gerry's post correctly, I believe he's using them on his table saw fence.
I'm putting a Biesmier "clone" fence on my old Craftsman 113 contractor table saw, plus adding a Wixey WR710 Digital Readout to the fence. I'm putting together a hobby level shop, with a thickeness planer (Dewalt) a 6" jointer (Harbor Fright chineseum) a router table with lift (probably on the end of the table saw). Drill press, bench top band saw, etc. Not planning on furniture, but I've always wanted to do more with wood - my whole family (dad and uncles, grandfather) worked with wood - grandfather and his brothers were carpenters, my dad's generation were in various trades (my dad was a machinist tool maker, mechanic), but all of them were carpenters also, so I guess I've got it in my blood..
The pieces...

http://www.wixey.com/fence/ (link to Wixey)


SawStop Brand fence


Like my Craftsman 113, mine is cleaner..
I have that saw too! Any fence has got to be better than what is on it now. That is on my list of things to do. Also a hobby-level woodworker. Got a used Shopsmith several years ago, but soon discovered it was not much of a table saw - especially for cutting plywood panels. too small of a table.

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