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Jul 24, 2022
the High Plains of Kansas
Chris “CӞ” Claussen


nice iH pride image from blipshift.com

“Like an old pooch that still wags its tail any time you say "walk". It doesn't matter how many rust spots speckle the steel or how old the bones are underneath, as long as it fires up, it's still down for any adventure you throw at it.”
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“You know to be prepared, which is why your backcountry companion has to be kitted with the right diffs, motor, and frame. And with all that and more, this rugged rig does right by its trustworthy and loyal name.” -BlipShift
“Agriculturally shaped offroaders may be the hottest trend on showrooms and auction floors, but for this automaker, it was anything but a season. It was just how you bent sheet metal on the cheap, while also inadvertently maximizing the approach and departure angles.”
Scouts and Travelalls go for unbelievable prices. I got a ‘79 scout II sitting in my shop that needs to be put back together. But, these damn cub cadets keep showing up at my house!!!!!
We were chasing ducks all over the Mississippi Delta back in the late 70's, 80's and 90's. The mode of transportation were these Scout's, Bronco's, Blazer's/Jimmy's and a more rare Ramcharger. Before Honda 3 wheelers became available we just motored out into the middle of those big bean fields. Mud was flying everywhere!
My old auto garage boss had a D-900, bought new in 1965. It was a great truck, but by 1976 the tinworm got it bad. Seems that all IH pickups attracted "the worm".
1970 IH 1200 Crew Cab. Not too many of these out there is there? Factory a/c truck.


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