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Not mine but heads up on parts units near KC:
There's another one of those once beautiful seats.........just totally ruined.....sigh
What a waste, at least the rest of the Cub appears to be intact yet
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If you want to see a real nice proper Cub grader, check this guy's stuff out. I'm sure this has been posted here before.

He's gone on to also build a Cub mini dozer, and a Cub forklift. He does really good work.

I've watched a lot of Frank's videos, but none on the grader. He should have shortened it up right in front of the operators station.
I used to run a low profile grader underground, even the beam would pivot right in front of the operators station, for operating in tight spaces. It was all hydraulic so it had capability for power to all six wheels.
Much like this one: RG-11 and RG-11L Grader – DAPCO, INC.