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Plow Day Roanoke

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Jul 28, 2015
Cedar Rapids Ia
John Edward Kreutner
Steve just wondering what what kind of moisture you have for plow day? We in parts of Iowa are terrible dry will need dynamite to open up to plow
Tried plowing my gardens yesterday but after several passes w/adjustments at eack location I just had had to give it up.
So damn dry and hard packed the plow just kind of skates across the top and if and when it would hook up, due to a soft spot, I immediately spin down and hang up.
No appreciable rain here now in over 5 weeks.
Great for harvest, and the dust is really flying around here, but really sucks for GT plowing and the lawns really have taken a beating.

Those of you that may have been at the last Buck Creek PD here in IA a few years back know what I'm talking about.

Steve, how about a report on conditions at your site?
Would sure hate to pack up and make that trek only to find the same in your fields.
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Here in Central Iowa I was able to get mine plowed last Monday with the Kubota utility and 2 btm ford plow. It wasn't pack but was almost powdery dry and we had a pretty good rain about a week before.
Inquiring minds NEED to know!!
The ground here is hard as a rock after a dry summer and NO RAIN to speak of here for at least going on 6 weeks now!
Fells, my guess is when Steve isn’t at work (I believe he has a full time job) he is on that IH Combine he posted the picture of… so I bet forum time is at a minimum for him…..
You are right.....but we finished harvest today, so all is well. We have had a little rain recently (3/4" this week) but have had a fairly dry fall. Decent moisture all summer. Our ground always pulls hard, sometimes harder than other times, but it's tight black dirt. We'll have fun no matter what, even if it's more BSing than plowing.
Many thanks again to Steve and his family for pulling off yet another great Plow Day at their farmstead!
John and I appreciate the great place to camp and the friendly and now familiar settings as this was my 4th visit with a plow rig where I could actually participate.
Unfortunately, I could not find my camera so I hope someone else will post a few.
Hope to see you all again in '24, which by the way, will be Iowa's turn to host RPRU to be held in Spencer, in June so mark your calendars.

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