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Just asking, "Sickle Mower Day(s)"

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Jan 10, 2010
Randy Kuik
just asking, while have seen 1 plow day last year at Pickett, and found quite interesting, short of that all are over 3 hours away.
and now we have a Haban sickle mower, and again, would depend on where it was, time of year, if a area could be found, Would there be any interest in a "Sickle Mower Day"? b or is there already and I missed seeing it?
I would envision similar to a Plow day set up, area to mow, show, display, flea market, etc.
what are your thoughts or is a sickle mower for show only?
Does not sound like a pet friendly event 😬
My sister’s dog got caught in a horse-drawn sickle mower. She recovered nicely, but had damage to three legs/paws. It helped that my sister’s father in law was a vet, and lived 8 miles away.
thanks Jim, I did not think of that. the insurance policy for the grounds for a 1 or 2 day event might be way too expensive having working sickle mowers. that is all I would need is someone to lop off a finger removing a wad of grass.

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