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My 782 electric fuel pump solution.

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Mark Shelby

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Aug 11, 2023
Thought I’d share what I did as you are all so generous with your knowledge. I had a terribly cold blooded 782. Started hard and had to choke forever til she warmed up. The biggest culprit was low fuel pressure from the mechanical pump, but I cleaned the carburetor, too. I disassembled the carburetor, soaked it in fuel oil overnight, then cleaned and blew it out good. I soaked it overnight in carburetor cleaner for another night and blew it out good again. I gave the rest of the engine a good cleaning, too, while I had the carburetor out.
I was able to source a robust fuel pump solution from my local O’Reilly auto parts store. Precision Pump E16010, cost $39.99 with lifetime warranty. 2.3 PSI, 26.4 GPH. It’s a little on the large size but I’m good with that. It came with 3/8” nipples so I purchased 1/4”, new fuel line and filter. I realize the 782 has a strainer at the tank outlet but I didn’t mind the extra insurance.
She pops right off now with a quick choke when she’s cold. What a difference! 😊
I probably need to remove the mechanical pump now and fabricate a plate to cover the hole.


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