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Is there a bucket attachment for the 169?

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Yes, there is at least one style that will fit. Best wishes on finding one though! I have seen some listed on selling websites, but they are very proud of them.
Tony, I’ve got a 169 as well, buckets are rare and expensive. I gave up looking for an economical one. You can go the Johnny Bucket route but it’s limited in height and incorporates down force, not economical at $1,800.00. I purchased a Swisher dump bucket and will work toward installing it this year. If you want to learn more about the Swisher then, search YouTube for swisher on tractor. Most installations don’t incorporate down force a few do. Depends on what you want to do with your bucket. In my case I’m just moving about 30 yards of sand. Good luck.
Just wondering if any bucket attachments will fit my 169 tractor? Ty
Hey Tony--I Built My Own Front Loader For my Craftsman Garden Tractor--And im Getting Ready To Build one For My-Cub-129---You Can Do This Yourself And Have A Much Better Unit Than What You Can Buy. Look Up--PF Engineering --Plans---. I have Them--And Im Going To Build The -Backhoe
Attachment Also, And Have A-TLB-For Less Than Half Of What A 10 Year Old Kubota-B-Series Tractor
With No Loader Cost, And It Will Do Everything You Need.


  • _Cub_Cadet_149_front_end_loader_PF-Engineering Loader.jpg
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No, Not At all Tony--My Mini Front Loader Lifts -400-Lbs And Can Raise The Bucket -7Ft- To Dump Aggregate In Trucks---Im Just Not Sure What Type Of Use You Need-- A Johnny May be Fine for Your Needs, And Many People use Them. I Only Suggested Building Your Own Because You Get So Much More Capability For Your Money.-Greg
Greg - I agree, I watched the Johnny Bucket video, did you see the stack of pallets the one guy stacked up to drive up so he could dump stuff in his Agri-Fab cart? Yeah, there's NOTHING that could go wrong there!?! Drive off the edge of the pallets and your garden tractor does a nose drive into your cart? I have two full size loaders on my FARMALLS, they're a little big to load loose material in my Pronovost P-503 cart, but even with my trip bucket loader I loaded 4-5 heaped loads of dirt and moved it in about 1-1/2 hours. My new loader has a hydraulic bucket that I'm putting on the M this spring. Will be cutting that time in half.
I don't know how a home owner gets by without a loader! I hate climbing ladders, much rather stand in a secure loader bucket, move mulch, dirt, crushed rock, scrape & pile snow, wash 2nd floor windows.
OH--OK--You Already Have Other Means Of Carrying Capacity --Very Good Sir, Now It Makes Perfect Sense. And Your Right--I Don`t Know How A Home Owner Works A Property Without At Least Some Form Of Heavyweight Movement Equipment ---And I Don`t Mean A Back Breaking Wheelbarrow. I Had -Only-A-1-Acre Property In Fort Myers Florida, And I Could Not Believe How Many Trees I Had. When The Trees Needed Cut Back, I Found Out The County Would Not Drive Onto My Property To Pick Up Cut Tree Logs , As I Had A -200-Foot Dirt Driveway, Do To Liability. I Had To Bring The Tree Waste To The Black Top Road For Them To Pick Up--And That`s When I Built My First Loader ---Now Im Using A Cub-129--To Make A Better Heavier Version, And In The Future, Im Going Build A Backhoe For It. I Moved Over 20 Cubic Yards Of Cut Trees With That Liteweight Craftsman G.T.--Using Cement Blocks For Ballast On Back. I Raised My Son Up In The Bucket And He Did Most Of The Chain Saw Work, It Just Worked Well. I Knew Then, I Would Never Go Back To Doing It Like Our Ancestors Had To.--Greg
Greg - I feel your pain removing tree debris. I had a brush pile the astronauts could see from space, it just kept growing bigger and bigger. Wife called around and found a 16 ft hyd dump trailer at a reasonable daily rate. We picked it up Friday, the tailgate was buggered up, replaced it with half a sheet of 3/4" plywood and a ratchet strap and added 2x12 sideboards. It was tough loading at first using the M with the 80 inch wide bucket but finally got inside the pile and and could get a decent amount in the bucket, trailer had a 10,000# capacity which we exceeded frequently, SON pulled it with his RAM 2500 diesel, my reliable F250 diesel would have pulled it too. Afternoon of the first day we moved 12 loads, got another 12 loads the next day, and the last day we got 2 more small loads. We took our tailgate and sideboards off and returned the trailer. There's a small pile that I've accumulated that I'll probably burn when that's legal to do.
We had a tree trimming service remove 8 trees last summer, a 60 ft high Sunburst Locust, a couple evergreens from 40 to 70 ft tall, and two dead Ash trees, they cleaned up everything, hardly a stray leaf left when they pulled out of the yard.
We pay taxes on 2-3/10ths acres. The 80 inch bucket was the standard light materials bucket from Stanhoist Loaders, the most common manure or dirt bucket was 40 inches, I have that too, actually two, one for the Stan-Hoist loader on the M and one for the Ford loader modified to quick-attach to the Super H. Dad bought the Ford loader as scrap, one cylinder buckled when fully extended and Dad was able to get it back in shape and put new Northern Hydraulic's cylinders on it. The Stanhoist loader is pretty beat up, lots of welds, I picked up a fairly nice IH #2000 loader with a 70 inch hyd bucket and found a brand new Cross 3-spool hyd valve to plumb the #2000 with, a spool for the bucket, one to raise/lower the bucket, and a spool for a remote cylinder on a plow, disk, bush-hog, etc. The single spool valve off the M will get added to the SH.
It's fun to play with hydraulics, but you soon run out of volume of oil, psi for lift, etc. All it takes is money!
Just thought I would mention, there is a 1250 cub with a front loader for sale in West Mifflin PA for $900. It needs some work though. And it is missing a bucket.