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Tractor id and question

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Tony Duke

Mar 24, 2023
Stafford, Virginia
Found this in my area for $75 and was wondering if it had the same left and right steering nuckle, drag link and tie rod as my 169.


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That is a Cub Cadet lawn tractor from the late '80's early '90's-probably a 1715. That will have a Kohler Magnum 17 vertical shaft, which will have some parts that interchange with the KT17/Magnum 18 horizontal flat twins. The seats on those are the same low back seats as on some of the '70's-'80's Cub Garden Tractors. Other knick-knacks such as the hydro knob, taillight reflectors, some switches will interchange with the GT'S. If that is a nice seat, it will be worth it to grab just for that.