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IH Cub Cadet Plow Day 5.0 March 29, 2003

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What is the plan? Did you go w/ this week or is it on for next week (the 12th)
Here is a pic of the jet set at plow day/swampy swap day, thanks to all who came in this weather!! We just heard a report of a winter weather advisory 2 - 4" of snow (This is weird)Hope everyone has a safe trip home. Will post a couple more pics of plow day soon.

Here is what happens if you try plowing in northern Indiana (we had to get a 77 IH scout to pull it out)

Here are some more pics of plow day/swampy swap day 5.



Just wanted to say thanks to all who put together the PLOW DAY Had a good time even though the weather did't cooperate. Hope to see you guy's again at another event. Chet and Terry Prins (Jet Set Cadet)
Terry P
Thank you for bringing the Jet Set Cadet. The "flight" you made around the parking lot, was one of the things that made standing in the cold worth it. There is only one word to describe it, AWESOME.
Well, I made it home safely tonight. 18 hours driving time for the round trip. Juist short of 1000 miles. Got a warning ticket for speeding just about 35 miles from home!
My luck was sith me!
It's hard to slow down after driving a bunch of interstate speeds!

Thanks to everyone for a fun time. Will try posting some photos tomorrow.
We are expecting 6 to 12" of snow for Sunday night through Monday!
some more eye candy from my trip to PD5!



These belong to Don Wright I believe, He showed me his stuff at his home on my way to PD5!


What a show!

Travis blown dieselplumbing job, does it run?

We want to see it smoke!!!
Thanks again to the cub connection for sponsoring this event! I know it was alot of work. Also thanks for the Drawing Prizes!!! I think I won the first one they drew! A cub cadet wind sock... I will use it somewhere appropriate, you will see it again. Thanks!

Also thanks for planning the Friday night get-together at the Ponderosa Steak house. That was nice! I was a little late getting there but I soon caught up eating and probably left before many of those attending. I was raining cats & dawgs outside while we ate. Knew we couldn't plow Saturday, but glad we didn't get any hail or severe weather which was threatening.! Nice meeting all you guys I hadn't met before and seeing old friends again that I've met before.
Guess I should try to get unwound and get some
sleep sometime tonite!

Oh, Thanks to Don Vogt, I now have a nice fiber dash piece for my cc108 and I can now finish up that project!!!

Might post a few more photos tomorrow, let's see what others post.
also thanks to those who bought a few of the things that I took along for sale. You know who you are! Hope you are happy with your purchases.
Thanks to Cub Connection for hosting, and for not loading the portajohn while I was in it.
I enjoyed getting to meet a few of you and seeing different approaches to similar tasks. Some pretty creative minds in this group. Got some good ideas, a spare grill casting, some needed/wanted parts, and one of the coveted Cub Cadet wind socks.
Left here at the perfect time to cover 39 miles in the first three hours on the road, the rest of the six hour trip in a lighter monsoon, got to Ponderosa after they locked the doors, slept, drove past the new site until I saw signs pointing back to where I just came from, met a guy who lives twenty minutes away from me, shook hands with several people (partially to help disguise the fact that since I forgot my heavy jacket my entire body was shaking), then drove three hours home.
I loved it.
Bruce Moore it sounds like you had a great time. I am sorry I didn't get to meet you. If I didn't get to meet some of you I really did want to. It was to cold to take pictures, so I want to see everyone's elses pictures.
I like your personal quote!
"Stupidity is forever, but Ignorance can be cured." Thank goodness for you teachers!

Did we meet at the plow day?

If not, I'm sorry! Sorry you missed the "Pond" banquet! It was nice! We should do that at all the PDs! I love to eat, especially the Bread Pudding with soft icecream!!! Always reminds me of the bread pudding my Mother made. My
Mother died in an auto accidient caused by a drunk driver when I was 21...
Come on guys, wake up and post your photos! It wasn't that bad a weekend! I know someone else took some pictures! Or maybe it was so cold you were shaking and they didn't turn out???

John, busy in Iowa getting ready for he storm of the Winter!
I had a great time Fri & Sat. It was good to see all the regulars and a lot of new people as well.

Cub Connection-Thanks for hosting. You did the best any of us could have done. Thanks for a job well done.

Hope to see a lot of you in WI in a couple of weeks.
Hi All. I just wanted to say that I had a fun time at my first plowday, even though the plowing part was cancelled. I have some pictures up at http://www.weekendfreedommachines.org/gallery/album45 for any of you that would like to see them. Also, sunday morning a friend and I went out and did some plowing up on a sandhill to make up for it being cancelled at Huntington. I know that the tractor is the wrong color for most of you, but maybe they will ease the "plowing pangs" some of you have. These pictures are at http://www.weekendfreedommachines.org/gallery/album46 I hope you guy's enjoy them.

Thanks, I did have a good time. I missed a lot of names. My brain was full from the other stuff already crammed into it.

I saw several guys who looked a lot like the photo you have in your profile.
Kent... I checked out your gallery photos. Great job on the photos! Wish I had a digital camera that would take that quality of photos!
Thanks for sharing them! Also nice meeting you there at Huntington!
Here are some pictures we took. I'm not sure whose these are though.





Here is my 100 with a Brinly spring shank culivator that I bought after I got it unloaded.


Here is my 128 with a Brinly tool bar with spring shanks that I bought after I got it unloaded.

Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. My wife and I were at PD5 and had a great time. Thank you to the hosts. I bought some really cool stuff, including a good running 100. I bought an original rear end from the guy that had a really nice steel wheeled original and need to contact him about some other parts. Can anybody help? Who do I contact for decal sets? Thanks Larry
Larry S.; Contact you host Steve & Scott U. of Cub Connections for decals and they can give you the steel wheel guy's name.

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