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Hello from NC

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Mar 20, 2021
Spring Hope, NC
Well I think I finally figured out how to post here so I just want to say I've got a 1982 IH CC "red" 782 and a "yellow" 1986 CC 1811. I just got the 782 (because I thought the 1811 was done) but I've tried to kill the old 1811 for 21 years and 2400 hours of beat it to death use. The amazing thing is the 782 is now broken down with an oil leak somewhere on front of motor (But not the PTO) and the 1811 just keeps soldiering on with weekly mowing of about an acre. I must admit I've seen many friends modern mowers die, but the old 1811 just doesn't want to quit. I was wondering what the most likely source of an oil leak besides the pto seal would occur on a 782 KT17 series II motor with the oil filter.

I've been using this site for over a year. Always loved reading the interesting comments.

Mike from the country
If the oil is running down the front of the engine, my guess would be the crank seal behind the PTO. Pull the PTO and the seal should be exposed where you can see it. Pop the old one out, drive the new one in, and you should be good for a while,

If it is off the side, it could be from the plumbing for the oil filter. Have you popped the side covers off for a better look?
Welcome Mike! I am a recent 782 purchaser. Mine is yellow n white. Mine leaks at a crankcase joint, I think. I haven’t studied it too carefully, because three (IIRC) pieces come together, and it looks like quite a bit of disassembly to remove and replace the RTV or whatever goes there.

Mine is also a Series II, but it does not yet have the oil filter, so I am jealous of you there.
Welcome. Nice lineup of tractors. My favorite tractor of my 4 is my '86 1811. Solid machine. The 82 series was the zenith of Cub Cadets-even if IH didn't build them all.
Except for the rear end not being cast iron like my 872, my 1811 certainly seems superior in almost every other aspect. I've actually done about everything imaginable to my 1811 including setting it on fire once when a spark from the pto wire set afire a bunch of dry grass at the front of the motor. It burned for almost 5 minutes before I was able to put it out. Everything was black and burned (even partially melted the oil filler tube on top of motor), but after cleaning it up and replacing the PTO wire, it fired right up and has run another 500 hours or so with no issues. I did attach a fire extinguisher to rear end of both the 872 and the 1811 though. It really is one tough little tractor.
I have to laugh every time I hear that the aluminum rears are perceived as weak. They have a stronger ring gear and axles than the iron rears. I have seen some unbelievable abuse that has ultimately cracked frames, and broken other parts, but the aluminum housing is fine. Now, some might be confusing the junk Peerless belt drive manual transaxle used on some of the 82's with the stout traditional transaxle, because the Peerless richly deserves ridicule.

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