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Tractor For Sale Cub Collection/Graveyard for SALE

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Jun 29, 2023
Steamboat Springs, CO
Cub Cadet collection/parts graveyard available for sale in northwest PA. Primarily 1970’s and 1980’s models; a few may be newer or older; 10 to 15 are quite complete and restorable; +/- 20 more are mostly complete and possibly restorable; some have mower decks; another estimated 20 mower decks in various conditions; plus 2 or 3 snow blades, 2 or 3 snow blowers, a rare mulcher attachment, set of wheel weights, tractor and attachment manuals, and many other parts. Prefer to sell as complete lot but may consider dividing. If you are interested please respond to this thread or send email to [email protected].
This collection of Cubs and parts are in Conneaut Lake in NW PA at my dad's house. If you are interested in seeing eveything and/or learning more about it I can put you in touch with him, or if you have certain questions you can ask me and I'll talk to him. I don't live near him.

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