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Cub Cadet 1000 Carb

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Apr 26, 2023
Grand Island, NY
I have a Cub Cadet 1000 that my dad gave to me a couple years ago and it has run great up until the end of last year. When I go to start it the engine is extremely flooded and takes a lot of cranking. Once it finally starts it is belching out smoke for a minute and miss firing until it cleans itself out. After that it seems to run fine. My guess is either a leaking float that is allowing some gas to dribble into the engine while sitting in storage or a bad needle/seat or maybe some junk in the seat keeping the needle from fully sealing.

I don't want to remove and open the carb up until I have a rebuild kit because who knows what o-rings and gaskets may fall apart when I take it apart.

The serial number is 2050055U533879 I did a search on here and found a chart that I think indicates it is a 1974. As I mentioned it is a 1000.

Can anyone tell me what carb rebuild kit or replacement carb I need that would bolt right up? What engine is in this tractor?

Thank you in advance gang!

Thank you. I have been poking around the site since posting and it seems like it should have the Carter #26 carb? If this is true what are people experiences with the cheap replacement carbs found online? For $17 it seems like a no brainer unless they are absolute junk. Where would I buy a real Carter #26 carb?
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KH-25-757-02 is the OEM Kohler kit you will need. I would avoid the Chyna carbs. They are very hit or miss(def more miss). Just make sure your throttle shaft isn't excessively worn, or you will have a vacuum leak, and it will be virtually impossible to tune it for excellent performance. You will also need the carb to engine gasket KH-47-049-01. If your existing float is bad, that is KH-25-757-03-S.

The entire carb assembly is KH-47-853-20. If you can locate one NOS, it will be a couple of hundred at minimum.
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Open up the carb sitting at a work table with a big piece of cardboard under it to catch any falling parts, fluids, or anything else. More than likely, only fluid will come out. Everything else should stay in place. :bluethumbsup:
I would guess it is as you predicted, the rubber Seat or Needle valve tip dried up and you are getting gas bypassing into the cylinder. How gassy does your oil smell? Is the dipstick level higher?
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I ended up ordering a bowl gasket and new needle/ seat. I took the carb all apart and put it in an ultrasonic cleaner for 20 minutes. It came out looking like new. Put it all back together and set the needles back to their original settings. Threw in a new spark plug and the tractor starts and runs perfectly now! Thanks for the suggestions.

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