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Archive through October 09, 2014

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Staff member
IHCC Sponsor
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Jun 22, 2002
Park Rapids Mn.
We snatch pretty much all the road kill around our area to feed the eagles.
Here they are feasting on a bear in our field to the south.
Yes I think your right, and Kraig would of zoomed in on that eagle staring at the other.

Either way they are all cool pictures by everyone
Neat pics guys. Deer, bears, goats, alive or stuffed.

Love the pic of the Eagles. They are such majestic, huge birds. I know the bear's prolly been festering for awhile, but those Eagles make it look small!
Should be seeing them down south before too much longer. Love it when they land in the fields around us snacking on a rodent or two. Nothing like seeing them in person and seeing their wingspan. Thanks for sharing the pics Kraig and Charlie.
Those are actually to small males.
We do have a BIG mama that shows up from time to time. Now she is really cool!
Charlie, RE: Cat. Kind of neat that he/she likes to sleep on the goat, but is there a possible problem that a moose leg could be a nice scratching post?
Allen, good point! My cat Tots would be all over those moose legs.
I was going to say Charlie, what did it cost to get a permit for the cat? Can't imagine the wife would have shelled out money for that one!

VERY cool collection! I agree with Kraig, stupid law about the collection of animals that are dead, pretty hard to preserve birds and other wildlife for generations if we let the average bird come along and EAT THEM! All because some idiot sitting at a desk thought it was a good idea. I hate politics!
My son is the Marine Lance Corporal on the right

Here are a couple pic's from a box of stuff bought at an estate sale recently.
Inside cover pageS from teen's & 20's Journal of Agriculture newspaper.
Thought some of you might get a kick outta seeing them.

June 1920

JAN 1917

This Cub hobby gets weirder and weirder.
Turbo impeller the size of a quarter...seriously?
Cute little booger.
Rick Beem

that little turbo fan will push 11 to 14 Lbs of boost. that lb`s will depend on what you use it for and . don`t let it get hot . cracked heads take the fun out of that whistle .
My Son is on the left, and is currently on a 30 day training mission. He is the senior mechanic with 20 trucks.

Yes I am proud of him, and he says duct tape is essentail. lol


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