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Well-known member
Jul 5, 2004
Frank A. Currier(Northern Maine)
Welcome, Keith S.

Your seat pic got eaten by The Archive Bug. It does that to the last pic on each page. Most of us have met it - even the owner of the forum!

Did you find a creeper gear for your 122?

Thank you Frank, I’ll try again. Yes Charlie set me up with a cheerier gear.
Hey David S - I see IH and WP stamped heads.
You can only use bolts stamped "WP" on the 1x8/9 and QL units, if you want to avoid issues with the Correct Police.
correct police.gif

The "IH" stamped heads ended with the 1x6/7 series. And if those bolts are only 1 1/4" I think that's too short for the lower grill housing but ya have'ta check.

Keith S - that's a heck of a nice seat re-upholstery. Probably the best I've seen.
Mike and Harry, thanks for the kind words. I took the seat to a local shop that specializes in classic cars and boats. He told me I would get a nicer fit if he put a seam in the cover he also added new padding underneath the cover. I’m very pleased with the results and as the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”.
I got called yesterday on my 126 seat mount.
I'm at a little show in Il
Guy claimed it was installed upside down!
Rain this AM though. I think I'm going to pack up and head home. Very few GT's here besides my 4 nf's.
Big dissapointment. And another on my "don't return to list"
Dave, that 126 is a real beauty! Unfortunately I find some shows I've planned on bringing something to are not real friendly to GT's. But if I had a JD LA.....

Can you explain the "upside down" seat mount? I've only been around one 1x6/7 (my somewhat basket-case 126) but have been around the wide frames all my life (1x8/9, QL and 82's) I know the 1x6/7's use the "same" fenders and seat mount as the later wide-frames. If the seat mount is indeed the same, or very similar, the seat mount is a "pan" that is an inch or so tall, with 2 holes in the front sides for the hinge pins. The sides of the pan appear to be created in stamp press. There a 4 slots for the seat springs to mount and be able to adjust. On the wide-frames, the pan is mounted so the edges are pointed down and the mounting surface is away from the fenders. So that when the seat is up, you would be looking at the "inside" of the pan.

Is yours mounted this way, or is the sides of the pan pointing up, and the springs are "inside" the pan, instead of "on" the pan?

All this being said, not knowing the big fender, narrow frames, I may be completely wrong.....
David S - did you check the badge for that Correct Policeman? I don't recall for certain but didn't think it was possible to install the 1x6/7 seat pan upside down? If you do don't the sides of the pan hit the fender pan? The correct rubber bumpers certainly won't hold it up high enough.

Scott N - wait for David's pics and we'll discuss.
Looking at 2 1250’s which is the same set up they have the edges down. The 1X8-9 series and the Quietline operators manuals show edges down. The 1X6-7 narrow frame operators manual has pictures of it both ways. Go figure.
Doug - I just looked at both versions of the 1x6/7 Operator Manuals that Charlie has in the Manuals link and both show the edges up. Can you post a pic of where you see the edges down?
The WF's are a different part and carry part # 703-0069 and have then turn ubder on the rear edge drop where the NF's do not have a rear edge drop.

The NF's are part #IH-528901-R1 and are shared by the 106, 107, 126, 127, & 147

Here's my 126 and 147, Same part, has the big oval hole to clear the pivot bolts. I know...the 147 is missing the gear shift hole cover and has the wrong washers holding the springs on. It's still in his work clothes yet, have had no time to dress him up.....yet!


Keith S., WELCOME!

David S., the seat support looks to be installed correctly to me. From a 1x6/7 series brochure:


The 1x8/9 series and Quiet Line series have it with the flange facing down. I believe for more clearance for the battery.


David S - just like I said, did you get the badge number for that Correct Policeman? He's a fake. Your 126 is perfect!!!!!
Yesterday I was putting up cubs due to pending rains and my 108 started perfect as usual then drives 10 feet and dies. I pull it over to the shop and found no fire whatsoever. I did get 12 volts at the + coil terminal. I immediately tried another plug and got nothing. It was late so I covered the tractor until today. I just went out and the darn thing started perfectly again as usual. I checked the Champion H10C that came out of it and it was gapped to about .035...way too much. I re-gapped it and put it back in and it started once again so after a test drive I put the thing in the barn.

I'm guessing it has to be the coil heating up but I did drive it around this morning with no problems. Can a coil heat up and go bad every once in a while or once it happens it will continue to give problems?

Wayne, sounds more like an intermittent connection to me. Or a failing condenser.
The ammeter on my 149 shows charging with the engine running but when I hook my multimeter up to it the power goes from 1 to 16 to 12 and jumps around everywhere it seems to be charging but why does the multimeter give strange readings? Thanks.