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Oh I forgot to mention the mystery switch is not hooked up to any wiring pto,tractor start and run fine without this switch functioning.
Ethan: It's factory. It's a safety switch that's evidently been bypassed. It's meant to keep the engine from starting with the PTO engaged.
Frank-roger that I guess I should wire it back in,for authenticity and safety sake...or maybe not LOL

The PTO safety switch you asked about was added mid-way through the production run for the 1X8/9 series. I believe IH also switched to the brake style PTO clutch in front at the same time as when the switch was added. The switch should be connected in series with the brake pedal safety switch. Both switches have to be closed in order for the Starter/Generator to turn over. It's a good safety switch to have working.
Started rebuilding an early K301 (122/3 era). It still has a metal governor gear. First thing the IH Service Manual says for reassembly is to inspect the governor stub shaft for wear and replace if necessary. The gear seemed a little loose on the shaft so I mic'd it and it measures 0.3724". However, nowhere can I find what the nominal diameter for the stub shaft is suppose to be nor a minimum diameter value for replacement.

If the nominal dia is 0.3750", then that would indicate it has 0.0026" wear which doesn't seem too bad but when you compare that with the wear limit for the balance gear stub shafts, which have a minimum dia of .4995" for replacement, they only allow 0.0005" for wear.

Does anyone have info on what the stub shaft nominal dimensions should be and/or any wear limit value?
Ron,others-ok that makes sense because the one of my 149s POs bypassed the brake switch as well I’ll have to grab some wire and get them working
Helllo, I have a question. I inherited my dads IH cub cadet colllection from a original to model 70 to a electric. I also have a portable building full of new/Old parts from a East Texas IH dealer and old parts and manuals. I help him when I could but don’t have the fire inside like he did. Just to much for one person and was looking for ideas or suggestions

Thank You
Steve B - There is a show/pull in sept in Temple Texas that is probably the biggest, best bet for thinning the heard...http://texasedtea.org/