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Archive through July 01, 2018

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Apr 16, 2008
Danny McCloskey
The engine in the "prototype" looks like a Wisconsin. The shroud, and starter pulley looks like a Wisconsin. You can also see the magneto behind the air cleaner.
Speaking of Marvel Mystery Oil.
Found this cute little bugger yesterday for $1.00 at a garage sale.

Danny - I never saw the tag, but the auction billing said "wiscon motor". I assumed they meant wisconsin.

I'm surprised, you only picked up one item?!!!
Normally you bring home a trailer load or more!

Do you think that pto spring on the right got hot?
Matt,others that tractor looks like an intermediate design between the cubette and what was to eventually become the “o” or a cubette with “o”hood and grille parts.cool find
Ethan - Interesting. thanks!
Ethan, at a glace maybe. From the 660-PUP to the Cubette to the numbered prototypes the frame stayed fairly consistent. The tractor that Matt posted photos of is quite different if you study it. Here's a couple photos of the 660-PUP proto, one of the actual Cubette, one of Tim Delooza's reproduction Cubette and finally prototype #409. All used a Farmall Cub transmission.





Here's a version of the Cubette with a cast iron grill.

One thing I noticed too is the high arch front axle. I wonder if it may just be an old cobble job from years ago? Way to go Matt getting our curiosity going!
A little more info on that mystery tractor


To me, it looks like it has Panzer fenders and front axle.
The seat looks like maybe an old Case pan seat.
And the frame kinda favors a Garden Master or Tiger garden tractor.

Maybe it's an old Western Auto garden tractor.
Some more info on that mystery tractor

The rest of the patent number might help?
I really thought it was a Clinton engine. Oh well, my memory isn't what it used to be, lol. Made a lot of progress cleaning up the backyard today. 1200 did just fine pulling my 4x8 trailer full of brush. I love the reciever mount from Mike M. In Elgin, won it a couple years ago at a PD. Let's me use an extended hitch for tire clearance when turning and backing. I can think about a cub shed now.

This is after when I parked for the day. Forgot to get a loaded pic.
The fenders do look like Panzer fenders, but I think they're too long. It would be nice to see a rear view.
So I got to my 149 tonight and fastened the throttle cable out of the way of the lift cylinder,but I found something which I found odd,a safety switch above the key switch inside the steering tower which seems to have something to do with the pto lever.it looks much like the start safety switch that’s actuated by the brake pedal.so here’s the question,is that factory and option or a PO add on?