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And then there were the Bolens. This fellow had a dozen of these there plus more.





The neighbor at the campground drug this home one evening outta the mud.

Indiana anyone??
3 of them, never heard of one before, from 1920 or so.



Looks like this may be related to a QL muffler.BTW, Carolyn's uncle needs one for his B-112 A/C
I'm done! Hope you enjoyed the trip!


Nice pics! That Charlie can be real nice at times huh.

I've never heard of an Indiana either.

When it comes time for an oil change, I'll probably go with the low ash engine oil to see if it solves the issue.

I did torque the head bolts per the Kohler manual. Also after running it for one hour and let it sit for around 24 hours I had re-torqued the bolts again.

This machine is not pretty by no means. It was my goal to just get the engine overhauled and put it back to use.