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Robert K.,

In most cases, there is a big difference in quality from something manufactured in Japan compared to something manufactured in China.
I will add one more thing about this ragged 129. The trunion looks to be in good shape.

"Splain that one Lucy!"
It never fails!
Looks to be in amazing shape, Ryan. I especially like the fact the fender is straight. Of my three cubs, all wide frame, and not one has a straight fender!
been working on the 1650 given to me by my neighbor. Made a handle and mounted a valve from a jd 317 for dual hydraulics last night. Also got the cradle mod done and new motor mounts installed. Anyone got a pic they can post of the location of the front hyd ports? I got ahead of myself and drilled in the wrong spot.


on a cub cadet original

the throttle cable it frozen up can i just us a generic type choke cable to hook in to the factory cub cotrol that mounts in to the dash?

Chris, I believe you can swap out the cable from the control lever. Check to see if the cable is threaded into the cup on the control lever, see photo below. If so just get a length of control cable, a generic throttle or choke cable from a forum sponsor or a local hardware store should do. Then swap it out. Be sure to check that the old cable is removable FIRST. If not I'm quite sure the forum sponsors have correct replacement throttle controls with cable.

I have hydro fluid leaking out of my 1450. It is appearing on my brake and on the floor. I am thinking it is an axle seal. If so, what is the best way of going about repairing?
David, Drain and remove the rear end cover. Remove the affected sides wheel. reach into the differential and remove the retaining "C" clip from the end of the axle. Pull the axle out. Replace the seal.
You didn't ask but, if your in there doing one side I'd do em both.
David, have you read the two entries on finding a hydro leak that Richard C. wrote up that are in Charlie's CubFAQ? If not you should, as it's best to be sure of where the leak is coming from before you start throwing parts at it.

CubFAQ entry # 33a

CubFAQ entry # 33b
Thanks Dave! That is what I thought. It figures, I just replaced the filter, gasket and fluid for the differential. I will catch it in a the pan and attempt to reuse. That stuff is getting too expensive. Sounds similier to pulling an axle out of the rear end of a truck...
Kraig, I have not seen this article before but am going to read the article and then I will post any further questions. Looks to be a good article. Thanks!
Nice 128! Looks to be in great shape. Low and behold, do I see a rear PTO sticking out the back?????
David, when I first read your post where you mentioned the fluid on the brake I assumed the internal brake which would indicate a leak around the hydrostatic pump area but then I realized your 1450 must have the external brakes which would be more indicative of an axle seal leak as you mentioned. In any case the various FAQ entries are good to read or at least know about so I and others like to point them out from time to time. Best wishes with your search for the leak.