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Another rescue-1986 1210

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Jul 13, 2020
Elkland, PA
Another local distressed Cub. The original Magnum 12 starts and runs excellent with no smoke. Missing some parts, and needs TLC. Sheetmetal fits great. Came with a new Carlisle front tire and new battery.


Changed the engine oil, which was nasty. Used SAE-30 Cub Cadet oil. It purrs like a kitten. I adjusted the choke and throttle cables. I found some electrical issues, so I will need to go through this thoroughly to get everything to work again.
Yes, the CCC 1210 is a direct descendant of the IH 82 series, and shares a vast majority of parts. The 1982-85 1282 was set up very similar and was painted red. Also the 1982-84 680 was one in the same and was also yellow/beige. This general styling/design was used 1980-1989.

To my knowledge, IH did not offer a 12HP garden tractor in 1980-81.
The manual deck lift float pin was snapped off. I removed the release button, drilled it out, and tapped it with a 10-24 tap. A NOS pin threaded right back in. I'm waiting for the little black vinyl cap to finish it off.


Parts 3 and 4 are what is shown on the vise. I am waiting on part number 16, which is a vinyl cap that slides over the pin.

The engine leaked a good amount of oil. It originated from the valve cover. Someone had been there before since the reed valve and it's retainer were MIA. Also the cover was bent. A good used one was sourced. I replaced all the gaskets including the cam gear cover and fuel pump,and the breather filter. No more leak after an hour of run time.
Those areas are good. It does have some breakage around the outer edge. Also, the previous owner drilled a hole in it to place a cheap toggle switch to engage the PTO. Fortunately, he did not snip any factory installed wiring. However, he ran a single 12ga wire directly from the battery to this toggle switch with zero fusible protection.
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I bought a new Carlisle front tire to match the other one the previous owner had purchased. I had the original Goodyear removed and this one mounted with a new valve stem. The local tire shop had it done in less than 10 minutes.