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All Things Deer

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Jul 15, 2012
Cathleen McLeod
With the photo's that Kraig has been sharing of the deer he's been catching on film, Deer season is upon us, right? I thought I would start a thread of all things deer. Deer Stories, pics etc.

When I was with my Ex, he was an avid deer hunter. I looked forward to every deer season and him getting his deer. He hunted only bow and arrow or mussle.

Also, I am into American Indian history and spirituality and when we were together we got into the venture of brain tanning our own hides from the deer he got, and all his frieds would offer up their hides. It was quite the learning experience with learning how to brain tan. So rewarding. He even built a smoke house to smoke the hides. ( which the indians did as well.) That made them water proof, so when the leather got wet, it wouldnt ruin it. He did a beautiful job of tanning the hides. It is so much work. Having to break down the fibers in the hide. I remember him working and working the hides on thick rope he had strung taut. Endless hours. He was so talented and did hand sewing with sinew thread and made me a pair of leggings. He simply took the measurements from a pair of leggings I wore and made a pair out of the tanned hide and they had fringe all the way down the outside seams. They were so beautiful. Also he talents took him into making amazing medicine bags and he made himself a loom and self taught himself how to do beadwork. His first piece he did was spectacular. Sure brings back memories when ever I see deer and people start talking about deer season. (( smiles)).

anyone else here get into tanning hides? Does everyone know that each animal has enough brains to tan their own hide? just a fact for you all.

We also butcherd up our deer and then took part of it to the locker to be ground up. I love venison but never have any anymore and I believe Marlin does not like it. Sure good in chili as well.

Cathleen, I just posted last nights events in the hunting thread... I didn't get anything but I had some excitement.
Kraig, I read your post over in the huntin pic thread. I just thought maybe I would start a thread specific to the deer? not sure why, but a little voice said to, so I do obey that little voice..hehehe. I have to listen to someone.

Shultzie, nice view from the stand!

Shultzie..sorry I spelled your name wrong..oops.. blame it on the glasses ((again..LOL) and then I realized on a few posts I was signed into marlins acct...duh! I am not safe today. I'm in a LOT of pain today after my running around the country side yesterday. Can't read correctly, can't spell either..so I'm going to go lay down ..
Shultzie, what a great pic!! what a sweet little guy. Looks like he saw you too, lol. Isn't it awesome to be in your tree stand and experience the endless bounty and beauty of nature? and its special, you guys that take pics so the rest of us can see and sense in a smaller way what what you are all experiencing.!!

I've been out in nature and had deer come close to me, and those have been moments in time that I hold dear to my heart.

Shultzie, great photo! He looks like he's about to climb up there with you. How long did he hang around?
Thanks guys (& gal),
From when I started filming and taking pics he was there for about 10 minutes. It is fun to see nature up close.
I came across this photo somewhere last year.

Well this hunter sure had no clue who was watching HIM when he set the timer to take a pic of himself and the sweet buck he tagged. Seems this puma was thinking of taking the deer himself, but someone else got to it first. LMAO


oh so this was a hoax? oh, and it is an Elk...duh. I thought, it doesn't look like deer. Not white tail anyways. hahahaha. I've only seen LIVE elk at the park and only a few times, but the rack should have given me the aha moment. well, I thought it was a funny pic, if it was real... ah well humor me for trying.!!please?

Cathleen, yep, that would be an Elk and the photo was a hoax.
sorry about that. I should have know it was to good to be true
that guys was a real
for creating that hoax

Here's some consolation deer photos for you. This one was taken at the farm by one of my trail cameras.


Here's another one of the same deer.

Thanks Kraig.
and just the other day.!! oh, I wish I could visit you and hang out. it would be so healing and soothing to the soul. I think they like having their pics taken. It does seem they do pose for the camera's. lol


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