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782 won't run?

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Mar 20, 2021
Spring Hope, NC
So my trusty 1982 red cub 782 coughed once and died while mowing. I have replaced the coil, points and condensor. It turns over fine with a jump from my 1986 yellow 1811 cub .. It appears something is draining the battery, Sometimes the lights come on at the light setting on key and sometimes they don't. Both fuses are fine. What are my most likely culprits and what order should I check? Thanks for the help!
Battery could have an internal shorting of the plates. They often fail suddenly. If it is over 3 years old, replace it.
Replace the battery if it is over 3 years old? I will have to replace every battery in everything I have, including all my vehicles! :yikes::yikes::roflol:
That settles it. I will never buy an electric car. $15,000.00 every three years for a battery, NO WAY!!!
Applies to the small garden tractor batteries. They are not built to the same level of quality as other batteries.
I have had L/G batteries to last 9 years or more. Usually they go bad while sitting for extended periods of time. If the battery went bad during use, the tractor should continue to run. It just wouldn't crank the next time. At least the older tractors would work like that.
I was just going to start a Post on my 782. Ran perfect on Thursday, no start on Friday. Don't ignore Ignition Wires. My coil and Ignition wires are 4 years old. I bought a Harley Davidson coil for $40 after having two short lived Kohler Coils. The answer to my no start was the Boots on the wires were hard and cracked on the underside. They were evidently arcing to the engine shielding. Since these are dual fire coils, even if one ignition wire is a problem, it drags down the spark on both cylinders. So it won't start on 'one lung'.

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