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70 spring maintenance

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Oct 13, 2016
Elida ohio
zachary lee koester
Morning everyone! It's been awhile since I've posted on here. Figured I should post some of the work on my 70. I restored this 70 when I was like now being 31 I now think to myself while working on it... "What was I thinking?" Lol. My creeper drive has always leaked, and recently my shifter broke and would spin in circles so it was time to pull it out. Plus this would give me a chance to put my hydraulic lift on. I completely rebuilt the creeper, (new bearings and seals) flushed the trans, welded back up my shifter where it eas broke, and started working on mounting my lift. Holes are laid out to drill then my lift can be mounted and tested before paint. Got a new belt on it, and took the lift handle off and replaced it with the new hydraulic lift style. Hoping it functions good and I'll make 2 new hoses. Like to get it done this week with recent rain it's yard rolling season!