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2084 Super Garden Tractor won't stay running/gas vanished!

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Nothing personal but I think you need to take it somewhere that knows how to test wiring... good luck....I really mean that and hope it's not major...
Certainly fair points Gary. My hand is mostly being forced at this point. The only local Cub Cadet service provider can't even look at this tractor for 5 weeks (!). If there's an opportunity to learn something I'm usually going to take it. So in this case I have a lawn that needs to be mowed and a tractor that might have some additional wiring issues due to the short.

I didn't initially think it was a short-related issue b/c there was always spark and the starter always engaged fully. Fuel seemed to be a more logical system to check based on the symptoms I was experiencing (low/intermittent flow into the carb) and how unbelievably dirty the machine was. It may not have ultimately been the fuel system but it could have been, and I'm glad the entire fuel system is now updated, clean, and leak-free.

Not having a working mower during the peak of the mowing season is the biggest downer right now. But we have great neighbors :) Testing the ignition switch, replacing some of these old ground wires seems like a good next step that won't take too much time. Then I can move on if that doesn't yield any results. I realize electrical is tricky and can be very time consuming trying to isolate an issue. But I'm going to keep playing the cards I am dealt!

Thanks again to those of you on this thread who have taken time to engage with me on this project!

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