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1862 Cub Cadet mower issues

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Bart Hinz

Jun 11, 2023
Rushville MO
I have a Cub Cadet 1862 mower with a Kohler 18 engine that I bought at an auction yesterday. Once home the following issues happened. It ran fine for about 20 minutes then started to die on me. If I lowered speed it throttled back up and I could go or if I pulled out the choke it worked. Eventually though it just died. Started back up fine but died pretty regularly after that. I dumped in a can of fuel treatment and replaced the gas filter but the problems still persist. Any advice in what to do next is appreciated
Old stale fuel/due for fresh, stabilized fuel?
Air filter fouled/due for clean air filter?
Plugs fouled/due for new plugs?
Carb fouled/due for cleaning/rebuild?
*I am no engine-whisperer, but these steps have helped me before.
Ok. Thanks. The fuel has a mixture of old and new so maybe I need to drain it and I did not actually have an air filter in. The plugs look okay but probably won't hurt to change them out. Seems like the issue happens after the engine has gotten warmed up. No issues for the first 15-20 minutes
While your issue appears to be carb related, it can also be heat related. Heat related performance issues can also be due to defective ignition coil(s)_. The coils on the Magnum twins are noted for heat failures. If it runs well cold to moderately warm, then runs like crap it's a good chance it's a flaky coil. Also make sure the cooling fins are clean, and that you are running at full throttle while mowing.
Gas tank vent. Not Cub specific but spiders love to clog gas vents. Run the Cub with gas cap loose, see if problem goes away.
Maybe Clogged fuel filter, gas flow can't keep up at high RPM.
Although I am thinking the coil is the issue.
What would cause my mower to only run if the choke is completely pulled out. If it is out It runs okay, but choppy, and when I push the choke in it dies??

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