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Cub Cadet ProZ154 cutting out

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New member
May 15, 2023
Barnesville, Ohio
I bought a Cub Cadet ProZ154 last year and we love it. But I have a problem, hopefully easily fixed.
When we first started using it this spring, it kept cutting out. I figured it was bad gas or the fuel filter. I picked up a filter and changed it and put in a small amount of gumout fuel treatment. Seemed like it lessened the cutting out, but did not stop it. Yesterday, I was cutting some deeper grass and noticed that it seems to cut out more when it gets hotter. It got to the point where I noticed something very weird. If it died, I would turn off the blades, put my foot on the brake and start it... it would immediately die when the brake was released. I noticed that if I depressed the brake about 1/2" it would continue to run.
I had to keep the brake slightly depressed to get the mower back to my trailer and get it loaded. After a couple hours, I went out to unload it and it was working perfectly normal again. I suspect that there is a short in one of the safety sensors that gets worse when it gets hot, or maybe there is some other sensor that I don't know about???
Can anybody please give me some guidance on what I need to do to get this running without cutting out?