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1450 project

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Nov 10, 2019
new florence pa
Finally getting around to the 1450 I bought about a year ago ! Starting with the hydro gasket to the rear end leak, posting some pics for those that have never done one . I loosened the brake hardware and pulled this one up through the tunnel, afterwards I removed the fender pan for better cleaning and ease of re-installation ! I have done them this way and by splitting the tractor ,no preference but easier to line things up going back together without the fender pan . Looks like someone tried to use the original gasket and smeared it up with blue rtv gasket maker but guess what, it still leaked ! Also will make a weld repair to the damper spring bracket as it is badly worn !! It's a pretty nice machine, tin is all there and in nice shape , maybe flip it in the spring or mow the summer with it while I rebuild the engine on my 109 !

Welded up the trunnion damper spring fit which was badly worn to one side , had about 45 min in the repair . I use a copper bar on the bottom ( the weld doesn't adhere to the copper ) for a backer strip then mig it back to size. A die grinder and file finishes it up. It is 1 3/16 long x 3/4 wide when done so the outer spring and end caps fit in without binding !



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