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New Member from Central NY with a 1450

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Lee Arnold

Mar 21, 2021
Syracuse New York
Hi Folks- I was admitted to this forum a couple months ago -Thanks!. I Have chimed in on a couple post since but never introduced myself. My Dad bought my tractor in 1979 to replace the 64 100 with a Mott Hammer knife mower on the front (sure wish I still had that tractor -first thing I ever drove!) I mentioned on another post yesterday that I rebuilt the engine ~15 years ago -it was running ~ a 16/1 fuel oil ratio! Also found detonation damage down to the top ring. I keep that piston for show and tell for what detonation does. I run high test gas now! I think it started burning oil when it was only about 10 years old. I also replaced the mower pan at the time -I like the new one with front wheels -(I have some lawn issues!) Well the transaxle has been leaking in recent years only getting worse -I determined it was the gasket between the hydro and the axle -then I read it was cork -no wonder after all this time! I also learned that my transmission surge was just due to the trunnion issue. I was not looking forward to pulling the transaxle -so I tackled it one morning and was amazed -had it out and the hydo off in an hour! Also was having an issue with the mower not lifting evenly -real sloppy where the lever is pinned to the shaft on the right side -so it was not lifting the left side much. The double wrap spirol 5/16 pin was shattered in 5 pieces -so sometimes it would jam and work -some times not. I finished my job with a Gorilla tape seat cover -so my legs don't get pinched by hard vinyl. (that stuff is awesome) If I was restoring it I would spring for the$180.00 seat, Still a little transaxle surge - I really noticed it when trying to back up a very small cart for my neighbor -it would back up -stop - back -up... at creeping speed. so there is enough linkage slop still to allow the squash plate to wobble.
Sorry for the long intro!!
good morning fellow new yorker.... this site has a bunch of great people with a wealth of knowledge about cubs cadets and you will find answers to any questions you may have.

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