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100 or 122

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Jul 21, 2023
Central North Carolina
I am to look at a 100 and a 122 next week. Neither has a deck but that is OK by me. What think the sages here without considering value or price? Is one better than the other.
I am not a collector. This will be a working machine for pulling trailer, dragging small trees out of the woods, dragging brush, pulling plug areator, lawn spreader etc.
I have a 100, which is a 10-hp + manual transmission. It gets used much as you describe.
The 122, I believe, is also a manual but is 12-hp.

I only wish it was a hydro (w/hydro-lift) when I’m clearing snow with the dozer blade. Rowing the gears and operating the lift lever, all w/o power steering of course, wears me out.

Anyone have thoughts on the 122, boys?

Good luck, and if in doubt, BUY ‘EM BOTH!

-C3 🚜💨
+1 vote for the 122. I have a 70, 100, 122 (avatar), and a 169. My all-time favorite is the 122 with creeper. I'll assume this is your first one and offer MY opinion why.... The 100 is nice but tends to be used on easier cleaner jobs or when I want to pull kiddie carts around at engine shows. I've taken the mower decks off everything in favor of a 60" Exmark. When I want to haul loads of firewood or get down and dirty I use my 122 with three sets of OEM weights and ag tires. The 70/100 will stall if the load is too heavy using the same little yard trailer. The 122 is the first CC with a 12 hp engine and that keeps the family 70/100 purists at bay. I have since modified steering columns (3-turn upgrade), wide frame axle to allow 3/4" or 1" spindles (C-shaped), annual oil changes, Hy-Tran flush, and now working on an 1863 super steering upgrade. IMHO, if you can get only one, and based on years of personal experience, l'd compare each one for worn and beat up parts, fenders, creeper, sloppy steering and worn axle spindles, signs of incorrect or non-OEM replacements, dry rotted tired with rusty rims, and anything that doesn't look right. FB Marketplace is full of junk yard rebuilds where nothing matches, be careful. Look at signs of heavy trailer hauling where the ball hitch would go. Post photos if you're not sure, you'll get quick replies here. I spent years after my beat-up 122 purchase noticing things that looked off and then getting the correct parts so it didn't look like a 50-year old Frankenstein rebuild. Over time, you will notice. I could not have done anything without the support of this forum and the sponsors here. But if I were you, I'd get both.
Richard, if I could only have one, it would probably be the 122 because of the bigger engine. However as mentioned above, it might be more dependent on what options they might have. The 122 has fenders as standard, the 100 would have rounded fenders as an option with no fenders as standard. Lights were optional on both, as were creeper gears and rear lifts. It's hard to stop at just one, I have somewhere around 8 Cub Cadets not including the parts tractors. I also have some other brands. Yes I may have a problem. :drool2:
It was a successful trip of some 94 miles one way to see a 100 and a 122. The 122 came home with me. I think it looks pretty good. It is solid. No slop in the tranny or steering. Engine sounds real good. Steers very easy considering I am used to power steering on my mower.


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Nice! Has a creeper and rear lift hitch. Two nice attachments to have! Too bad the original seat isn't there.
No, off should be vertical and on should be at about 2 o'clock.
Something is haywire somewhere.
I have bought light switches supposedly new for WF's that were bass ackwards as well.
Turned to the left for on, instead of to the right
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