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Where is the engine model number?

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Hoya Guru

May 3, 2022
Howdy, I have a Cub Cadet LT42 Model# 13A6A9CS056 with a seized engine. Found someone who can fix it, they are asking for the engine model number. Been looking everywhere I can, where might it be hidden?
The Factory Code of 13A6A9CS056 means it is an XT1-LT42 model. Within that model, there are 3 different engines,
  • AX90HU 547cc Engine
  • AX90HUA 547cc Engine
  • AX90HUB 547cc Engine
You most likely have to find the Engine Tag for further information.
The 547cc IntelliPower engine is a Cub Cadet branded engine made in China. It's not a Kohler, Briggs, Kawasaki, etc. I think they only made them for 1 or 2 years.
A seized motor IMO is always worth looking at.

Had a bad storm one late summer evening at my home, that knocked some large tree limbs down in my driveway. Got in a hurry (mistake), grabbed the chainsaw and my two cycle gas can. I always run my chainsaw dry at the end of wood cutting season in late February.
Filled the tank and started cutting. After cutting for about 20-30 minutes, the saw bogged down and cut off. Started it up and continued cutting. Saw bogged down and cut off again. Wondered what is going on? Is there a hole in the fuel line? :drool2: I was getting pretty ticked off at it.
The fourth time it cut off, I grabbed the rope to start it up again, and liked to have pulled my arm out of it's socket.
Then I knew what was wrong, but it was too late. It was locked up tight as a tick. Yes, I put straight gas in it, because I thought the oil was already in the gas. :bash:
Went in the house to calm down.
Came back later, took the plug out, and sprayed some PB in the hole. Let it sit for about 30 minutes and took some pliers and tried to turn the crankshaft. After carefully applying some pressure, working the crank back and forth, the piston finally broke free.
Mixed up some gas kinda heavy on the oil, and put it in the saw. It ran ok. I finished cutting up the limbs so I could get out to go to work in the morning.
That was two years ago, and a lot of trees cut since then! It's still cutting fine. :bluethumbsup:
Well, it's practically a brand new tractor, bought it from a guy last summer, it only had 6 hours on it. I probably only put maybe 14 hours on it. So it might be worth replacing the engine, or whatever they need to do. I'll get a price first of course. Thanks for the replies, it's dark now, will check the shroud tomorrow.
First remove the plug wire and the pos. bat cable and try turning the engine by hand backwards and see if it turns. The starter might be locked up. Then if that does nothing Remove the belt from the PTO, it may be locked up, or the deck, and start from there.

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