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Wheels & studs

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Robert Payne

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May 2, 2023
New York
Insane Payne
QUESRION......How come rear wheel axels are not like automotive axels????? Where you have 5 studs sticking out where you can hang the wheel on and thread a lug nut on,,,I just changed my rear tires on my 108 andit was a PAIN IN THE DONKEY jacking the rear up,then letting it down a hair,then going up an inch,then letting it down a mm,just to fight to get one bolt in without crossthreading....it would be NICE if there was studs to hang the wheel on and thread lug nuts on,,,,MY BACK IS KILLING ME FROM ALL THE BENDING OVER!!!


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I have a regular bolt, same thread as wheel bolts, with the hex head cut off. Run it in a hole with fingers, that gives you a temporary stud. Then install all other bolts, remove stud & replace with last wheel bolt.
Did the same thing..what a relief !
When MTD/CCC introduced studs on the aluminum rears, it was a major improvement! Overall, MTD/CCC improved the 82 series with that, stronger axles, a steering column support bracket, true hour meter versus the maintenance minder, better steering box on the very late models, and better engine mounting on some of the K series singles.
Anyone ever swap studded CCC [rear] hubs onto their iHCC machine?

I have no idea what that would entail.

On this site, I’ve seen several examples of (admirable) iHCC front-hub upgrades. Some to studded hubs, I believe.

🍻 🚜💨

Just take the wheel bolts out and screw a regular cap screw in from the backside. Use tapered nuts to hold the wheel on.

That's what I did. I about forgot what a pain it used to be to mount (especially liquid filled) tires without the studs.
I have home made wheel weights that the bulk of pull off to get to the wheel bolts. But about 30#’s of weight & weight bolts stay with the wheel. Some sort of alignment aid is much needed!