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Weak starter/gen

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Bob Margaitas

New member
Sep 14, 2022
Hey everyone, I'm having trouble with a starter generator on a cub 100, I have it off on the bench and when I send it power it takes right off but under any resistance at all it won't turn, (it wouldn't turn the motor over with the plug out)
I opened it up and everything looks good inside, brushes look like they have plenty of life left and no excessive wear anywhere. I've tried the battery and a jumper pack with the same results.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks
Ya I can't see buying a new one for this machine, I would think normally they would work or not work, I have one that works fine just not under any load,
maybe the bearings binding? I had one that would squeal every now and then until I saw the blue smoke at the belt. Locked up tighter than my wallet. I let out a few cuss words pulling that bearing off the shaft.

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