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Looking for a good frame for a 100. will any models interchange ?
Hey Tim - the obvious interchange model would be a Model 70, which is he same vintage and should be exactly the same frame as a Model 100. As far as I know the Model 71 frame should also be exactly the same (except possibly having some additional holes in the sides). I believe the Models 72 and 73 would also be the same except they would have the Quick Attach latch welded on the front (and possibly some differing holes on the sides).
Looking for a front front frame for an original that has not been modified. Reasonable distance from Wisconsin (in would be ideal).
wanting to buy a headlight panel for a 70/100. contact me through my e-mail in profile.
Looking for a hood hinge for a 149,emails in my profile Thanks in advance fellas

Charlie sells hood hinges. The reason I say this is a used hood hinge of the 1x8/9 series almost always shows wear. I would get a QL hood hinge; they're much stronger and will bolt right in. They cost a little more IIRC but are worth the difference.

Hello all I’m trying to find a grote taillight socket any help would be appreciated. Email is in profile.
Timothy, if the socket is intact but is missing the rubber contact it's not too hard to fix. I used a replacement socket kit from Fleet Farm to repair mine. Here's a link to where I posted about it: Grote Repair My posts are near the bottom of the page.
I need a air filter base and cover for a 70 K161 with a 20 carburetor on it. e mail in profile.
Looking for an oil filter mount for a Kohler 582 engine.

Looking for the chain adjuster for a QA42. IH Part number IH-397032-r1. Which is the Adjuster with adjusting bolts drive gear drive gear shaft and mounting pins. Do to budget cuts I will have to buy used. thanks for any help Jim
I have a friend that needs a #30 (30mm) Kohler carb. I believe any carb from a 1650/1450 or 149 would be just fine. It's for an off topic brand and the linkage hook ups should be the only obstacle. He now has a Walbro and needs to upgrade. The reason is the carb simply needs a seat but try and find that part...ridiculous. My email is in my profile.


Hello all, I'm restoring a 3 digit "O" that is in need of a early tower!! HELP!
Get ahold of Ray Weaver in Denver,Pa Rays's IH parts
Any one out there have a CW 36 snowblower?. I moved to Tennessee and sold my old one. Mistake! Now I moved to Maryland and have to have one ;)
Ray Leo I still have the 36" snow blower I bought from you a few years ago if you would be interested? my email address is: [email protected] if you would like to contact me. It is in the same condition as when you owned it. I have never used it. It has been stored inside.
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