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Trading Post

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Jun 22, 2002
Park Rapids Mn.
For all your horse/Cub traders out there!
like to trade this thing for anything!

its a parts only deal lol
I would like to trade these tractors as a lot
129 with 1A Tiller Homemade hydraulic lift Works Great!
109 with 42" deck Runs and drives No Deck belt
129 Manual lift with spring assist and 1a Tiller with extension. No long belt for tiller. Runs and drives.
Rebuilt K321AQS for 1450 No carb or muffler.
Rebuilt Ported pump and transaxle with Quiteline frame.
Email for other pictures!
Trade for Economy/ Power King Tractors



I need to get rid of this thrower and find one for my 149, i need a QA-36a or a QA-42a or ???
the one in the pics is a CW-36 in fair shape, i would trade this one or i have BB-36 in better shape i would think about trading for the right thrower...

I know it's a long shot, but I would like to trade some narrow frames for either a '82 series, or a newer CCC built garden tractor (I prefer a 82 series). I have to trade a combination of either two running 104s, a running 125, a non running 122, an engineless 123 and/or a 107 in pieces. What I was thinking was a couple of those listed (or a third) for a good running 82 series. I have pictures of each tractor if interested. Email me at [email protected]. I'm located about 60 miles south of St. Louis.
I have an AC WD and a C that I would like to trade for some Cub Cadet parts and mower, etc... The C I have owned for about 15 years. It has been a good tractor. Dependable and very useful. It was running until the radiator was stolen from it. It should still run, just needs a radiator. It comes with a 5 foot woods belly mower. The mower needs work. It needs bearings and a couple holes welded and one of the skids replaced or straightened. The tractor didn't smoke, always started and had plenty of power. The hydraulic cylinder leaks. The WD I took in trade and don't know much about it. It will run, needs a wiring harness, battery box and a seat, but otherwise I don't know to much about it. The rear tires do not match. Both need TLC. Now, the reason I want to part with them is I have an acre of ground, so they are both to big for what I need. I want to start gardening, so I'm in need of a tiller, rear hitch and a creeper for a narrow frame. I'd also like a back up mower. I'd be interested in a 147, 1450, 1650, 682, 782, 982 or any of the super GT's or a diesel, like a 782d or some of the later cub cadet co built bigger mowers like an 1811. I'd be interested in a front end loader, also. Let me know what you have and we'll go from there. My number is 270-293-4000. I live in Hopkinsville, but the tractors are currently stored in Murray, ky. If you call, please leave a name, number and what it's about. I'm not looking to make money, just trade the AC's for something I can use and to see them go to a good home.



Looking for 1 narrow front wheel (4.00x4.80x8) and 1 wide front wheel (6.50x8). Tire condition is not important, but the hubs should be in good shape.
have a very large assortment of JD garden tractor parts. Most are for the 110/112 models. But there are parts for the 60, 700, 100, 120/140 and some 300 series. There are decks, steering columns, wheels, 26 engines, variators, pulleys,fender decks, seat pans, spindles, front axles, transmissions, wheel hubs, tie rods, brake pedals and so on.There is also 5 whole tractors with engines and 3 rollers.Also a running 110 with a #43 Blade. Please email for more info and pictures!! Need to trade or sell these so I can get a bigger tractor for my gardening business. There is a lot of good parts!!
$3000 or trade for a small International farm tractor!



I have a head light assimbly for a 147 Complete with working lights I would like to Trade for one that will fit my 102.
I would like to trade a restored Cub Cadet 100 with Fenders, 23x10.5 Ag tires, no lights or creeper for a wide frame hydro with excellent working mower deck. Email is in the profile for pictures.
I would like to trade for a 82 series, either a 582, 682 or 782. Must be a good running machine with deck. I have several narrow frames to choose from to trade. I have two 104s (both run), one has a 3 point and helper spring, a 125, and I have a complete 122 that needs to be tinkered with to get started, a real nice 123 that engineless at this time, and a 107 in pieces. I am willing to trade a combination of these, i.e. one or two running tractors, or one running tractors and the others, or any combination, depending on condition of the tractor being traded for. If interested I'm about 60 miles south of St. Louis. [email protected]
I have a pair of 26x10.5x12 tires no bad cracks just a couple of gasheshold air and rims for my 122(wrong size) willing to trade for some 26x8.5x12 rimes with decent tires if interested e-mail me at [email protected]
I have a 1973 Cub Loboy 154
with a 3 point hitch (Not Installed)
Woods L59 mower (Not Installed)
I would like to trade for a smaller tractor
with some attachments.A front loader would be nice
Please email if you are interested.
I am in Minooka, IL 60447

Want to trade my Cozy Cab for a pair of round fenders. Windshield is good but 1 side window and rear windows missing, other side window is cracked but intact. Also missing sheet metal pieces that close off the foot area. Email is in profile, I will send good pics.
Need to sell/trade my International Harvetser 234, or John Deere 650, or partial trade on a Farmall Super A,C,H, 240. I'm asking $4500. for the 234 and the same on the John Deere, that's break even for me. Email for more info or pix.

I would like to trade for a good running wide frame, QL or 82 series. I would prefer a 128, 129, 149, or any QL or 82 series. I have some narrow frames to offer in trade, a combination of running ones and non-running runs. If interested email for pictures. I'm about 60 miles south of St. Louis, Missouri [email protected]
I have a 1973 Cub LoBoy 154 tractor with a 3 point hitch and a Woods 59 belly mower. It has a new battery, plugs,front tires, throttle cable, air filer, oil and filter and sediment bowl assembly. I also have a Cub Cadet 128 with 48" deck and a 42" snow blade.Tractor has newer Kohler K301 12hp Not rebuilt but new from kohler. Like to trade both for small farm tractor with a 3 point and some attachments!

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