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Stuck brake

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Feb 24, 2023
Caldwell, Idaho
Hey Fellas,

I'm restoring my 122 and I'm finally getting it back to together. I hooked up the pedal/clutch/brake today and the brake is frozen. The brake lever on the front of the transmission is frozen. It's sat for a few years but always indoors. The wheels roll but I can't move the clutch pedal at all. Any suggestions before I pull the front transmission cover off?
Can you turn the engine over by hand? Can you put it in gear and turn the rear wheels to see if it is not binding somewhere? If you cannot, take the driveshaft loose from the tranny. Then put it in gear and see if the wheels will turn, along with the output shaft.
Sounds like the puck is stuck in the bore of the housing.
You can't get the pedal engaged or disengaged??
Something is stuck somewhere along the way but be careful, cast iron is involved here on some parts as well and it don't take kindly to violence and BFH's
Lots of pivot and friction points in that assembly that need to be free to move and not bind.
Sounds like some WD or penetrant along with some light tapping is in store here,
Are you sure it's not clutch adjustment related?
Could be some of both, clutch and brake.

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It won’t engage at all. I gave it a couple of squirts of lube yesterday and let it sit overnight. Maybe it will be loose today. I’m about to go tinker with it. It worked fine before I disassembled the whole tractor. We’ soon find out.
Yup, I'll bet that's the issue here.
Good call Lew!
Part #15 in the brake section is the same part# in the clutch section 384-661-R1 and is called just that: "Arm, clutch & brake pedal"
Thank goodness for the hard copy parts books (TC-113, issued 10-'77) as the "new improved" on line parts list does not list part numbers for NLA parts!!

You did not have that arm off the pedal ass'y did you?
If so, you may have reinstalled it bass ackwards??
Take note as to how it is pictured in the exploded view I posted earlier.
Always put it up on jack stands first,you want to a be a bit careful with these old girls if they have sat around. After careful lube,a little sitting,then careful investigating, good charts and tips here from are knowledgeable members,we all learn