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Snow blower 36 compared to 42

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Mike ligus

Active member
Jul 4, 2021
Margaretville ny
I have a 36 inch cub blower that came with my 169. I not see many post on the smaller blower just the 46 I think we're the numbers. I hope this one is wide enough to clear a path for the rear wheels. Does anyone know how QA-36A blower works? It is in great shape, no rust new decals. I hope it works as good as it looks.
Mike, the QA36A should work just fine as long as the discharge chute is rust free. To a lesser degree the auger housing should also be rust free. This is to prevent the snow from sticking. If the inner surface is rough from rust the snow will stick. I have a QA42 that I refurbished back around 2000. After painting it I then coated the inner surface of the auger housing and discharge chute with graphite paint which is quite slippery. As to the width, it depends on how wide your 169 is, and that's easy enough to measure. Be sure to check over the drive shaft and chain drive for wear and would be a good idea to check on the gear box to be certain that it has lube and that the bearings and gears are in good condition.

Here's what my QA42 looked like after I refurbished it, the black is the graphite paint that was top coated over the fresh paint. The graphite paint does wear off so it will have to be reapplied ever couple of years depending on usage. Especially in the discharge chute.



Here's an action shot of it on my 125 clearing heavy wet snow from a March snowstorm.

March Snow_01.jpg
I have a Qa36a on a 1862. You can get or make wings that bolt onto the edges which will make your thrower take approximately 42" I've only used it a few times as it's kept over at my mother's to clear her drive and we have only had a few big snows since it's been set up. But so far I'm actually pretty impressed with it.
Here are a couple pictures of the 1862 wearing the QA 36 A. You can see the wings tho not real well. It now has it's side panels as well. Kinda rough around the edges obviously but serves its purpose for the time being. Have a new battery I have to put in it as soon as I have time. The old one got to weak even tho I kept a battery tender on it.


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Took a couple more closer up pictures the other day while replacing the battery.


  • 20230107_164617.jpg
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Thanks for the info and pictures I finally got mine to lock into the frame. It was very heavy doing it alone. But 2x4 helped get the correct height. Going to make a small pallet to store it on with exact height needed.
Doug, How does the Haban thrower compare to the QA thrower?
Imo the Haban is every bit as good as if not better than the Qa. Tho it's close. The bigger Dia drum in the Haban really throws the snow. It is heavier and a bit more of a chore to maneuver with no power steering. Tho my 782 steers harder than the 682 I have so it may need a bit of work on the steering.

Also the previous owner of the qa may have put a different pulley on it now that I think about it. So it may be sped up a bit. He was having trouble making it work right. I have to confess I missed it when I bought it but the tractor he had it on was running on 1 cylinder so it's no wonder he was having trouble. I suspect head gasket as you can hear it hiss when cranking it. I bought it at a decent enough price I swapped engines and still came out ok.

I have wondered about putting the qa on the 782 and the haban on the 1862. The 782 with no power steering would be better balanced and easier to drive with the lighter qa on it. But now that I have the 2 stage on the other 1862 I have not used the 782 and haban yet this winter. It's been a back up unit so far.
Don't have any real good action pics but just for fun here is the Haban.

Couple of inches of wet heavy snow last nite. More rain than snow early on. Not sure I will even try any of the cubs on it. Or if I will even need to do anything with it by the time I get home. If I do I will try to get better action pics.


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