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Dec 27, 2023
Fair oaks indiana
I have a Cub cadet 147 with a Kohler k321 in it. I am rebuilding the motor. I have a relative who is an experienced but not certified mechanic. 🤦‍♂️ He came over to help me put the piston rings on and he snapped one. I don’t want to order a whole ring set so I was wondering what size the standard piston rings are because there is no information on that online? Where can I get just the main rings for it. If it comes to it and I just have to get a whole new set where can I get them locally without having to order them and get them shipped?
Can't buy individual rings that I am aware of. If you have a lawn and garden place that carries Stens, you might be able to get a set, but in my experience it has been awhile since most brick and mortar stores have stocked K-series internal parts like that. Your mileage may vary. You are probably better off just ordering some online and waiting a bit longer.
Back in '85 I rebuilt a K241 in my Cub Cadet 100, and snapped the top ring. Yep, I had to buy another set. Our local Southern States farm cooperative carried the rings.
As long as you have it apart,do it correctly. My 125 I bought used from a dealer,he told me he over hauled it.It burnt oil excessively. The piston was marked 0.20,The end ring gap was,yes .147 thousandth. I'm from the old school,I went back to wring his neck.But the bank beet me to it.Putting old worn out parts back in is lesson I tell as being wrong.But going to the budget committee, which I'm a silent voting member and asking for an allowance wasn't fun.L.OL

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