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Need Help with a 122

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Jul 21, 2023
Central North Carolina
I have a 122 I got from a fellow who gets them running and looking decent but admits he is not a restorer. I am at best a neophyte when it comes to things mechanical. I can remove a broken part and replace it, but that is about it.
The tractor is missing a piece or pieces underneath to operate the rear sleeve hitch. He told me it was missing when I got the tractor. The lift handle works fine and the round rod on the rear moves freely.
Can one of you tell me which part or parts I need to look for and good sources to search?
Beyond that I will want to get the rear hitch assembly too.
Thanks for your help.
If the lift handle moves when pulled back and pushed forward AND the lift lever on the rear moves at the same time then nothing is amiss.
However, if the lift lever does not move when you pull the lift arm you are missing either the lift bar (#4) and/or the lift bar plate (#3)
The lift bar plate bolts to the bottom of the lift arm mechanism and the lift bar pins to it on one end and to the lift arm on the other end

This is the lift bar plate w/the lift bar


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