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Jul 21, 2023
Central North Carolina
I have a 122 which does all I need it to do.
I am thinking of adding a narrow frame tractor with hydrostatic tranny which would be one of these models (if I did my research accurately) : 105, 107, 123, 125, 127, or 147 . Definitely want to stay IH not CCC.
It would be a light workhorse. No ground engaging, digging or gardening. Pulling a 17 cubic foot trailer loaded with limbs and logs to carry to burn pile. No dirt or snow blade pushing..we don't have enough snow to mess with a blade and my land is as level as it needs to be. Lift hitch on rear would be nice to move a larger utility trailer in the yard to its resting spot.
I know they range from 10HP to 14 HP. I don't need a looker but would want to avoid a rusted one. I would need a solid mechanical unit. I am not a mechanic and don't have tools, youth, or skills to personally restore one.
Thoughts or ideas for me to consider? Not in a hurry. Probably as scarce as hen's teeth in central NC where I live.
I would go with a 147. 14ph. Last one of the narrow frames. But, I’m biased. I have one and love it.
So would I. This is the one my dad purchased, June 1971. Spent a few weeks restoring.


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I have just become aware of a 125 reportedly in running condition in reasonable distance from me. I plan to check it out this weekend if not before. Seller works and I don't want to try to see it in the dark.
I have a 125,really like it.Should do everything well for you.Its wise to check the tractor over thoroughly, especially for rigging p.o.did.Ask questions about fluid and filter changes,Make sure hydro controls are smooth,stay up and downhill where you place them,no coasting etc.If the unit is gunky from fluid leaks,you'll have some work to do.If you have to work on the hydro,trunion operation,if the check valves don't manually release so you can push the tractor around the shop,on a 125 you'll have to split the tractor,not hard once you understand it.Good luck!Pictures and questions are welcome here as their is extensive knowledge and good sources of parts
Thanks for comments dsarow. I appreciate the input. 100% chance of rain on Saturday here so may not get to see it then as I had planned. The present owner lives in an upscale neighborhood and has a name that sounds foreign. It will be interesting to find out the history of this 125,
Raining most of weekend so did not get to see the 125. From the pictures, it has been repainted. It seems odd the motor is white. not yellow as from the factory. Seems a little pricey at 600 without a deck or sleeve hitch lift. Still wanting to lay eyes on it if I can.

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